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Ron Fights on The Boardwalk | Jersey Shore | MTV

Ron Fights on The Boardwalk | Jersey Shore | MTV

first end of the night he was doing their own thing and Ronnie and I were kind of like ready to go and so we kind of like just got out of there it's gonna shut my mouth go to bed tonight Ronnie and I leave and we see you stupid son-of-a-bitch guys with his girlfriend that's been at the bar likes grilling us making fun of us the whole night so we keep on walking they followed us and harass us very or pee-mis up twice to defeat myself playing shut up as a female he starts screaming out I'm like listen bro it's a woman but you're a grown man like how like how tough do you feel yelling at a woman actually aah Fisher get your socks straight smell like 30 years old your bed you I knew that the guy wanted to fight and the same was just like antagonizing it I'll believe the time what is that a sundress cousin nursing my grandma when my knee pushes me I'm like I'm out and I just walk it just went downhill keep walking about come at me bro come at me come on come at me bro come on Frank come at me bro come at me bo come at me I'm right here I'm right on the move come at me bum standing right here come at me bro put your hands up bro come here bro I'm right here girl girl get away from me get away from me I don't know you I don't know French start swinging at me scratches the side of my face and my didn't want to raise my hand to her so like I just like backing up but at the same time his guys try to like swing over his girlfriend which is a completely everything just like happen in my head was so like oh my god I don't know what to do hello who's this Vanessa hold on one second isn't somebody else an eclipse Paulina I'm actually on the other line right now no no doesn't matter my costume but Ronnie just got into a fight on the boardwalk like really bad well I need just got into a bad fight on the boardwalk didn't though the boardwalk now watch Jersey Shore a family vacation every year

48 thoughts on “Ron Fights on The Boardwalk | Jersey Shore | MTV

  1. I usually don’t condone this behavior but Sams a punk! You will NOT put your hands on MY man. Let the men do their thing

  2. I remember watching this the day it aired and it's just as crazy watching it all over again. Sam should have handled that girl though!

  3. This fight was classic!! But look Sammi could shut her fucken mouth grabbed Ron and keep walking I know she got mad when he shoved her but girl he's mad jus get ur man and get our of there!! This all could of been avoided!!!

  4. Guys like Ron believe that they're tough, but the truth is they can't even handle some jerks rude comments. If you don't have the strength to walk away from words, you're not tough.

    Not hating.. just saying, because this is something I see a lot in so called "tough guys", they're really not tough, they're sensitive and prone to explosive confrontation.

  5. If anyone remembers the dude who hit snooki in the face, he eventually didn't get a job anywhere but military so he works as a soldier now

  6. I'm willing to bet that Mike wasn't going to get off the phone to help out Ron. Only reason he got up was because Pauly quickly went for his shoes and said come on.

  7. That blonde chic shouldn’t be egging on the fight by attacking Ron, who can’t defend himself against a female. She should have her arms around her man, telling him not to fight and protecting him.

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