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SBS-IN | BLACKPINK Roses’s Denim Jacket Self Reform

SBS-IN | BLACKPINK Roses’s Denim Jacket Self Reform

(Reforming Rose’s denim jacket) -Ta da!
-Ah. -Amazingly..
-We’ve already seen a lot. This is destroyed denim jacket. It was a normal jacket originally, but I.. -Look here. How did you do it?
-Do you see the details? I searched the Internet
to find how to reform. -When I entered Rose’s room at dawn..
-Yeah. -she was sweating and sewing.
-Because it was summer. Respect! -I’ve prepared to show you how to do now.
-Giving out a lot of tips! This is an ordinary denim jacket. Ordinary. Really ordinary. So is the backside. What part should we cut first? Rose’s style. Why don’t you
have it shortened? -Oh, yes.
-She suits crop tops. It’s a waste. Below the pocket is good. (1. Cut the jacket as much as you want.) -Are you cutting now?
-I’ll cut the front side first. -Oh.
-Are you really cutting? We can’t do anything if you’re too careful. -Oh.
-It’s a waste! And it would be cool though you mess up
because this is destroyed jacket. I would cut pockets. -And the back side.
-I want to have this cloth. Cut here longer than the front side
not to show your back. So considerate. You’re so considerate. When you’re sitting,
your back could be seen. -Ladies would know.
-Right, it has happened to me. Yeah, I feel like my back is cold. It became more cute. -Oh, that’s cute.
-Cute already. It fits well with that
dress you’re wearing. To spice up your style with accessories,
I recommend above the pocket. Then with your box cutter.. (2. Scratch your jacket with a box cutter.) -Oh, what are you doing?
-Wow. It’s so easy. Do you think it’s easy? -Of course it is. You can easily do this.
-I can never do it. -Try this, Ji Soo.
-Yes, a beginner. Don’t scratch too hard
or your dress may be torn. -Hold on.
-Oh, be careful. -Yeah, you are doing great.
-Be careful. Now to make a hole.. (3. Tweeze stitches out
until white thread appears.) With your tweezers.
It takes long to do but.. You can tweeze it out. Like this. Then white thread will appear. You can see these things. I have one more tip. If you scratch this fold of the jacket.. You can make it more vintage. If you wash it after reforming,
you could make it more natural. (4. Wash the jacket after reforming.) It’s a good tip. Like this, the sleeves.. Let me show you my jacket. If you scratch the sleeves.. -You scratched so much.
-It took a long time. -Like this.
-It looks more vintage. -New denim jacket is complete!
-Wow. Doesn’t it become more cute? Yes, it’s nice. If you want to have Rose’s denim jacket,
please contact Style Follow. We would give you this jacket.

100 thoughts on “SBS-IN | BLACKPINK Roses’s Denim Jacket Self Reform

  1. Chaeng 😍😍😍 Rosieee…. 💙💙💙😍😍😍😍 how to unlove this girl? once u fell in love with there's no way out instead u just falling deeper 💞💞💞 I'm a girl but i'll dump my bf anytime for Rosè 😂😂😂

  2. A very simple godess. She has many money to buy a new and comfortable one. But she chose to search through the internet and work on it herself. I love you rosieeeee

  3. If someone can take that jacket,, and he want to sale,, maybe the price is more expensive than the original one,,,😅😅😅😅

  4. I reform my pant jean so hard that it look super cool and I wash it then dry at the suspension and the next day I saw my jean at the dustbin (my mom threw up my jean bcos she though it was an old pant lol)

  5. Why do so feel like the demon jacket is cute because Rose literally rocks everything? EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD ON HER, but it’s the opposite for meh.

  6. She is a vocal queen
    She is a dance queen
    She is a beauty queen
    She is a aegyo queen
    And now she is a DIY queen!!! 👑👑💜💜

  7. Why didn't I saw this video before? Btw, rosé and jisoo is really stanning omg all of them is really pretty

  8. Members already know that rose is soo talented..wahaha she is precise and too focused on what she is doing..really talented girl..much ❤ from PHL..

  9. Rosé is so Beautiful and talented ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️😍😍♥️😍😍😍

  10. Why does she speak like that? Is she acting cute? Cuz she doesnt normally speak like that. She doesnt seem shy or nervouse either.

  11. Hahaha I’m wearing Denim Jacket right now but I was thinking if I would cut it or not because it might turn out bad cause I’m really bad at cutting lolz My cutting is not straight and I tried it to my shirt before and made it into a crop top but it’s lines is not straight and I also Put some tiny cuts on it but when I wore it I look like a homeless girl in a big house lol 😂

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