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Short Man Style Tips | How To Dress Taller – RMRS

Short Man Style Tips | How To Dress Taller – RMRS

Dressing Short Body Type
[0:00:00] All right, gentlemen. Today’s video is about dressing sharp for
the short men. If you’re 5’9” or shorter, this video
is for you. And if you’re taller, well, you’re still
going to find some awesome tips in today’s video. [Music]
Let’s start this video off by talking about proportions. If you’ve ever studied art you know that
proportions are very important when it comes to art, it comes to designs, it comes to things
looking great. So, let’s talk about the idealistic body
shape. The body shape celebrated throughout time
and history through sculptures through art. What we see and using the head as the measurement
is that he is eight heads high and he is two-and-a-third heads wide. The reality is the average human being is
only seven-and-a-half heads in height. And the reality is that shorter men, he’s
more like six-and-a-half heads in height. The issue here for the short men is that as
his proportions skew away from the ideal, all of a sudden it can make him look childlike. Okay. So, we got the basic lesson on proportions
out of the way, let’s talk about the goal of today’s video. For you to understand fit as a shorter individual,
so that you can wear clothing that makes you look great, not clothing that makes you look
shorter than what you actually are. Now, gentlemen, you may be wondering, Antonio,
where did you get that great looking polo? What about all those other ones right there
on the rack? Guys, over at Otero Menswear, the paid sponsor
of today’s video. And, what I love about this company, they
focus in on the men between 5’4” and 5’9” with their three dimensional proportional
sizing system. What this means basically is if you’re between
those sizes, usually you have two options – small and medium. Over in Otero you’ve got almost twenty different
sizes. They do this because they first focus in on
your height. Then, they go in and they focus in on your
body type, then they add a third dimension to the sizing by going in are you a small,
medium, large, or extra large within those dimensions. I can tell you guys, this is going to be one
of the most accurate fitting that you will find out there. Now, another thing I want to talk about is
the fabrics. You guys know I owned a clothier, I geek out
on quality fabrics that actually retain their shape when you wash them again and again. That’s what they said. I talked to Stephen, the founder. We went back and forth, I’m like, okay,
send me this clothing, I’m going to wash it a whole bunch of times and it did exactly
what he said it would do. It retained it shape. It actually fit a lot better and it felt better
actually having go – gone through the wash. So, little things like this just I love it
when a company pays attention to the small details. And, speaking of small details, they actually
went through and they added they made sure the proportions are all correct. Right here, the pocket size details, having
different fabrics, the stitching and the quality of the buttons right here on the sleeve, the
small detail like this. And not a polo guy? Don’t worry. They’ve got great looking t-shirt as well. Gentlemen, I’m linking Otero Menswear down
in the description of this video with the discount code. The best you’re going to find. Guys, use it or lose it. Awesome company that focuses on the fit for
the guy under 5’9”. Highly recommended. Check them out. I’m linking to them down in the description. So, first up let’s talk about shirt fit. Well, what we’re initially looking at is
going to be the overall length of the shirt. You don’t want the shirt to extend past
your hipbones. Yes, you can actually get that adjusted, but
I would say find a brand find a particular style that works for your body type versus
having to spend that extra money on the tailor tax. Next, you want to go out and look at the shoulder
points. If the shoulder points go way beyond your
shoulders, then don’t buy the shirt. You want to make sure it fits you here. This is key if you are a bigger guy you’re
a muscular guy, but you want a slimmer fit. So, look for something that has a particular
type of V cut basically accommodates your drop. Your drop is the difference between your chest
measurement and your stomach or your waist measurement. So, depending on your drop, you’re looking
for a t-shirt that actually fits that style. Now, let’s say you have almost no drop,
you’ve got about a 42-inch midsection and you’ve got about a 42-inch chest. In that case, you’re going to look for a
style of t-shirt that is more of a rectangle and there are some that just drape straight
down. Other ones, again, they’re going to have
more of an athletic cut and so they’re going to come in more in the stomach area. Now, let’s talk about shirt sleeves. So, instead of looking at the top of the shirt
sleeves, look at the bottom of the shirt sleeve and in general you want something that’s
going to be a bit shorter. I know you may be worried, oh, I’m going
to look really thin. Well, guess what? You can’t hide it anyway and it’s better
to look thin than to have stubby short arms because that’s a longer sleeve does for
a shorter individual. So, go for a little bit short of a sleeve,
it’s usually going to look better on a short individual. Now, let’s talk about dress shirts and button-downs. Very similar to the t-shirt, we want to make
sure it fits perfectly in the shoulder point. If you’re buying it off the rack and it
doesn’t fit you in the shoulder point, then don’t even buy it. Now, when it comes to the chest when it comes
to the rest of the stomach and the torso area, this can be brought in. For me, with a closer fit with my size and
my proportions, I like to have about two to an inch-and-a-half of extra material in and
around the chest and the stomach area. Some of you guys may prefer to have a little
bit more have a little bit less, but once you get below an inch, it’s a very form
fit and doesn’t give you too much. You got to have room to breathe there. [0:04:59]
Now, let’s talk about the sleeve length. So, this is off the rack where I see most
the mistakes made is that they do not get the sleeves adjusted. And, if you’re thinner, you can also get
the sleeves slimmed up as well. That’s going to look a lot better. Now, with the length of the shirt, because
dress shirts are meant to be tucked in, this is something that if it’s a little bit longer,
let’s say you want to wear a shirt untucked that’s going to be a casual button-down. Then, in that case, you may want to get it
tailored at the bottom to be shorter, so that when you wear it, again, you’re only having
it about – go about three inches past the waistline. Now, the fit of polo is very similar to t-shirts,
but, again, you want to make sure that the length is right. Now, another thing to pay attention to that
kind of goes beyond fit is the proportion. So, you want to make sure that the collar,
look at it in proportion to your face or actually go get a size that’s about four sizes larger. And if the collar size is the same on the
medium or the small as it is on the extra, extra large, you know that this brand is just
reusing collars. Do not buy from them. You want to find something that is proportionally
made for your built. All right, gentlemen. Now, let’s talk about the perfect fit for
the short man when it comes to jeans, shorts, chinos, khakis. Any type of trousers, guys, it all starts
in the crotch area. And what I’m talking about is your rise. So, the rise is actually if you want to take
a tape measure, you would start right up here at the top here, go all the way down up and
around behind in the buttocks area. Measure that right there and you are looking
for a shorter rise. Why is this beneficial? Because it’s going to make your legs look
longer. Wearing jeans that actually have a very nice
rise they fit you well in the crotch area, it’s just going to make your legs look longer,
it’s going to make you look better. And that’s what you’re shooting for. Now, on the exact opposite are going to be
khakis that have a very low rise. And khakis are some of the biggest offenders
here. And what this does is it basically it cuts
your leg line, it makes your legs look shorter than what they already are and it is something
you want to avoid. Also, avoid this in shorts. When it comes to shorts, you want to make
sure not only do you got that really good rise fit, but you want to also make sure right
here on the hips that they hug you that they fit you close. But, when it comes down to tropical weight
trousers, again, make sure they’ve got really nice slim fit right here in on the hip area
because it’s going to be that whole crotch area that we want to get an excellent fit. Next up, let’s talk about trousers taper. And this is basically going to be the leg
line and how closely it follows your actual legs. Now, notice right here I’ve got these chinos
right here with these jeans. I don’t know if you can see this, but the
chinos are just slightly wider than the jeans and that’s a good sign because when you’re
looking for a pair of chinos or for a pair of khakis whatever you’re going to wear,
you want it to be a slimmer cut if you can. But, what you don’t want to wear is if you
have a thin or you got just a regular body built and you’re wearing something that
really makes your legs look wider. Now, let’s talk about hemming your trousers. And what we’re doing here is we’re going
to shorten the overall length of the trousers and by shortening them half an inch, this
can make a big difference. Now, I can’t talk about hemming without
talking about trouser break. In general, I think short men are best served
by no break or a quarter break. No break is basically with the trouser hang
and they hang straight. I think this looks best on most men. If you want to go for a little bit of a break,
well, maybe you’re 5’6” you’re 5’7” you’re 5’9”, okay, you can make it work. But, if you’re 5’2”, go for no break
and go ahead and show off those shoes. Next up, let’s talk about shorts. And I want to give shorts special attention
because shorts if worn incorrectly can really mess up your look. They can make you look shorter they make your
legs look stubby. Now, you don’t want to exaggerate this,
you don’t want to make your legs look shorter than what they are. So, you want to make sure to wear a pair of
shorts which is going to do its best to accentuate the length of your legs. Avoid baggy shorts. Avoid shorts that have a very low rise. Those are going to do you no favors and, worse
than pants, they’re going to – they just really can mess up the whole silhouette and
the look of the outfit. Now, let’s talk about what to look for when
it particularly comes to the length of the shorts. So, if you are 5’7” you’re 5’8”,
nine inches perfectly fine. If you’re 5’5” you’re 5’4”, look
more for seven inches. If you’re 5’4”, 5’3”, 5’2’,
five inches on the inseam of your shorts is perfectly fine. Now, let’s talk jacket fit. We’re talking sports jackets, suit jackets,
blazer jackets. First up, start with the shoulders, like anyone
else, if it doesn’t fit you in the shoulders do not buy the jacket, put it back find something
first that fits you in the shoulders. Then, look in the torso area. Basically, first the chest, then the stomach. But here is where as a shorter man you’ve
got to be careful and that’s the length of the jacket. And that’s why you want to make sure, you
know, does that jacket just barely cover the back curvature of your buttocks. That’s a good sign, that’s exactly the
length it should be. So when you put your arms down, where does
the jacket end? Does it end at about your wrist bone or does
it go a little bit longer? If it goes about an inch beyond your wrist
bone, you may want to be careful. Again, you’re looking for a little bit shorter
of a length than average because that proportionally is going to look best on your body. [0:10:03]
Sports jacket is not your thing? Maybe you like leather jackets, maybe jean
jackets. In any case, a jacket is going to be build
up the shoulders, it’s going to make you look taller, but make sure you choose the
right style for your body type. The trucker jacket, another one that the overall
length is going to be shorter, this is the right style for you. All right, gentlemen, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. What are your tips and tricks for dressing
sharp for improving the fit of your clothing? I want to hear your tips down in the comments. And, guys, if you like this video, if you
think it was useful, please share it, give it a thumbs-up, pass it around. And, guys, go check out Otero Menswear. I’m going to link to them down in the description,
an awesome company. Go check them out. I’ve got a discount code down there. It’s the best you’re going to find and
they’re a new up-and-coming company. That’s it, guys. Take care. I will see you in the next video. So, could you guys tell? It is hotter than heck here in my office. My A/C apparently just went out and, yeah,
I’m sweating here trying to film this video. I delete every few minutes, go wipe sweat
off of my face. So, hopefully in the video, I’m not too
shiny, but I have a feeling I’m going to be. But, hey, what can I do, right? See you guys on next video. Take care. [0:11:09] End of Audio

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