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Shorten Dress Shirt Sleeves

Shorten Dress Shirt Sleeves

Let’s shorten men’s shirt sleeves shall
we as often happens shirt sleeves can be too long this particular client’s shirt
sleeves are about one cuff’s length too long that happens to measure just over
two inches we decided we would shorten the shirt
two inches ideally we would be shortening this sleeve less than two
inches I’ll tell you why the placket is now going to become very short by the
time we shorten this the client is okay with this there is a way to extend the
placket I’ll tell you right now it takes a great deal of mastery to make a
great-looking placket so we won’t go over that today shortening this sleeve
then means taking off this cuff shortening from here to here and then
putting the cuff back on let’s begin then by detaching this cuff I like to start from underneath and a-ripping we go shirts that have been heavily starched
have a different feel to the ripping out process then shirts that have not been
starched take your time until the cuff is entirely off you probably noticed it
took quite a bit of ripping at the edges of each cuff to get it off
congratulations for doing so now I’ll pick away the old threads will set the
cuff aside now and measure our two inches chalk and that brings us right below the
existing buttonhole I’m going to take this button off but first I’m going to
draw my quarter-inch cutting line roughly and our two inches begins from
here to here flip the cuff over and do the same on the other side add a quarter-inch button off this inside line nearest the cuff edge
is the cutting line I just plain like working with pinking
shears so that’s what I do cutting past the buttonhole which will
end up disappearing in the cuff seam going slow and easy through the cuffs these pleats and seam and placket now we’re going to pin this
cuff right back on having kept track of which is the right side and which is the
wrong side of the cuff in instances where the button remains match your
button side of the cuff to the button side of the placket open up that cuff
and sandwich the sleeve right in matching up the edge of the cuff with
your chalk line make that chalk line disappear just inside of the cuff pin do this all the way around having pinned
one edge I like to actually go to the other side of the placket and pin
that edge on sandwich in and pin now work from side to side carefully
sandwiching in the shirt material to the cuff we’ve now caught up with the pleats on
the sleeve and we’re going to carefully bend those pleats back into shape and
sandwich them into the cuff it takes some doing
as you can see sewing is every bit as much or more tactile as it is visual I’m
sure you would agree there I’m liking that a little bit of thickness here to pin
through okay that’s going to be very nice using the free arm and sewing at the
outermost edge of the cuff begin do a second line of stitching following the old stitching we’re finished now and doing a little
evaluation good it looks like the cuffs match up I’m going to button one and we’ve got a nice result yes the
placket’s short but the sleeve is now more comfortably short and we have to
make trade-offs don’t we another thing I want to point out is sometimes it’s
difficult to get the cuff to line up perfectly well with the placket as the
original shirt did sometimes it’s off to the edge just a little bit you if you
take enough time can probably get that evened out sometimes you just can’t
there’s a lot of bulk there again a trade-off so just keep that in mind

5 thoughts on “Shorten Dress Shirt Sleeves

  1. Would you ever take the sleeve out at the top? My husband has a shirt with snaps and I don't think shortening the sleeves at the cuff will work.

  2. Hello Phyllis. Is 2018 since this video came out. Thank you 😄 for posting. Question. Is it possible to shorten the sleeves from the shoulders? Is it easier? Just wondering. And do you have a video like that?

  3. Wondering why the video ended so suddenly? That's because we want to redirect you to both FAST and FULL video versions here:

    FAST VIDEO VERSION: https://youtu.be/Nt27E1Bebv4

    FULL VIDEO VERSION: https://www.alterationsbyphyllis.com/dollar-videos

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