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Sick/Lazy Day: Makeup, Hair& Outfit!

Sick/Lazy Day: Makeup, Hair& Outfit!

Hey guys, it’s Reece. Today I am going to
be showing you what I do when I’m sick so the medicines that I take, my really easy
makeup routine, a really pretty but simple hairstyle and a comfortable outfit. Yeah.
I hope you enjoy and let’s get started. Normally when I wake up and I have a cold I can’t breathe
out of my nose so I just want to blow my nose real quickly. My throat is usually killing
me so I’ll go downstairs to get some tea or something warm to soothe it. Usually, I don’t
like any teas. But I swear you guys this is the best tea ever. It is so healthy for you
and it tastes so good. Another thing that I really like to eat when I’m sick is chicken
noodle soup. This just warms my throat and it feels so good. I put that in the microwave
while my tea was steeping. To sweeten my tea, I put a little bit of heavy whipping cream
and some sugar. After eating my soup, I just wanted to take a nap. But, somebody checked
up on me. These are literally the best cough drops in the world, they taste so amazing.
Advil is perfect if you have an ache or pain or a headache. Robitussin is probably the
worst tasting medicine but it can cure any cough. Cold-Eeze can help cure your cold really
quickly. DayQuil is like the Advil for all sicknesses. Just make sure you don’t buy the
drowsy kind. “These are expired. Wow.” Usually when I’m sick, I just like to take a shower
because I feel gross. So I just took a quick shower and then I went on my computer. When
you’re sick, you want to stay hydrated so my mom was nice enough to buy my Jamba Juice.
I’m going to start of my makeup by applying Maybelline’s BB Cream. Then, I’m going to
conceal under my eyes, on any redness or blemishes. Next, I am going to curl my eyelashes. I am
going to apply mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I am going to moisturize my lips with
Maybelline’s Baby Lips. Normally when I’m sick, I don’t have that much color in my face
so I am going to be applying some blush. And that was my makeup look. So I just started
out by separating my hair into 3 pieces. Then I started a Dutch braid. If you don’t know
what a Dutch braid is, it’s basically an inverted French braid. So instead of taking hair from
the top, you’re going to take hair only from the bottom. There are also a ton of YouTube
tutorials to help you. Once you have braided to about your eyebrow, you want to stop adding
pieces and just braid down into a regular 3 strand braid. Depending on the length of
your hair, you can go shorter or longer but I usually like to go past my collarbone. Once
you’re are done with the 1st braid, you want to tie it off with an elastic. Then, gather
the hair on the opposite side where the braid was. Since I braided on the left side, I moved
my hair to the right. Now you just want to do a regular 3 strand braid and tie it off
with an elastic. I am just going to make the braid a little bit looser so it looks messier.
That’s the completed hairstyle. I think it looks really pretty and it’s perfect for spring
to get your hair out of your face but it still looks like you put a lot of time into it.
Then for my outfit, I just put on a really comfortable tank top and some leggings. And
that’s it, I hope you guys enjoyed and hopefully I helped you a little bit. Thanks for watching!

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