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Snooki’s BFF Reacts To Jersey Shore’s Most WTF Moments | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

Snooki’s BFF Reacts To Jersey Shore’s Most WTF Moments | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

I mean it's not really a big deal because my god burn that outfit get it go good as boots Oh bro you Sean Brock I think they're killing ants down the shore calm down you're not gonna beat the look were they on neither of them we're in any right mind speak in public a performing in front of a group B and C allowed to be wearing those outfits it was just a map remember um that at least is Silverstone Oh Marco Marco veer was shot on the roller coaster that's what I would do if I was on a roller coaster Polly do you ever like and Meisner throw up stop that's that woman how do you ever turn that was his girl that's Cho not his tank at all she's like a nerd which is a coach bag off is that a brown button-up shirts like she's a UPS driver say you Mike I'm Mike am i doing an accent hello yo Meisner he's returned Eugene situation yo yeah she ain't home right now she's at the bog wall that's what he sounded like I think this possessed sick sounds like regret whoever won this little bet we did yeah had to wear the bunny suit in public even though I lost the bet well your poops out that on your head does she wear the outfit to the club or just her tits one that same probably smells like alcohol sweat and Jenny's shoving off tonight grabbing your key she could do with slobs now the real her real identities revealed oh it looks like aloe vera for a sunburn I got no tan in Italy so I got a little excited I went tanning in Jersey went tanning went tanning Oh God I burnt my whole face off oh just get drunk I won't hurt anymore and then burnt the part that I peeled fully deep problems I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would tell anybody in this house to stop tanning cuz that Bo cocoa butter for GTO endorses yeah just start drinking really what it is I shocked the system bro yeah oh you got an ice pop that's smart this really is white boy problems mmm poor thing just walking tonight that's messed up I'm bored so we got the Snuggies she's both stuck on the pill right now he's a poker with the sticks oh she's a fight I want to put pickles underneath her bed that's a lot of pickles he's cutting them to the aroma gets out I think I like you my room and cut it with me like that I'm like it's on now Oh on hog time with my legs we're out of here we're drunk so waking Snooki up is not easy but we still do her makeup and then we be hungover in the mornings to go to like to a talk show or something I would have no choice but to straddle her like Seabiscuit and do her makeup while she was sleeping because it saves time she gonna sleep in and I get my job done and I'm off to deal with her talking watch Jersey Shore a family vacation every year

44 thoughts on “Snooki’s BFF Reacts To Jersey Shore’s Most WTF Moments | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

  1. Straddle her like Seabiscuit 😆😂😂 I would seriously marry Joey!…u know if he liked women.

  2. -hi can I speak to pauley please Mike?
    –yo Mike's not here …
    -Mike this Mike?!?

  3. wasn't he talkin about Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg in Fear. not the girl from clueless he got his actresses mixed up, when he was talkin about fuckin around on the roller coaster lol

  4. NO NO NO!!!! That was not smart to use the popsicle or anything frozen on burns it can cause the skin and nervous system to die and turn black

  5. Yeeeesssss Joey, I also like to ride horses…the kind with 2 legs not 4 legs😂😂😄😄 🐴🐴lol

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