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Snooki’s BFF Reacts to the Biggest ‘Jersey Shore’ Blowout Fights | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

Snooki’s BFF Reacts to the Biggest ‘Jersey Shore’ Blowout Fights | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

okay the so she became a wrestler if you ask Alexa who's Nadia it says she's a professional wrestler do it now guys she made an announcement okay Oh Lord oh yeah take your earrings off right now bailiff Supper's on oh they're moving the coffee table now instigators anything any other she is missing get in there bitch stop repeating rap my god we know you're still here girl okay just a pretty bitch what an embarrassment I have to call this to my friends six sideburns see looks like he works at the Hot Topic will be right here isn't popcorn all you guys get something but in the end they love each other Bailey gamma smush room that this room disrespectful are you what talked about old that guy ever imagine a guy sitting in the room waiting and this animal comes back to have sex with you sobbing she is person like sorry about that pardon where were we doll huh I was going home exactly what I would do I'm terrified I'm gonna take my count of how some people screaming yeah you might bite it off I was like I'm not leaving right now I'm with this girl I guess lady on slap Jenny key says I come about to fight the girl that you're wit right now and I just tell them that you'll be right back BRB or come with her she's spitting man she smacks me in the back of the head at the club she got kicked out of the club look this is very dramatic that she is like I was just so mad it's not worth it so she got eliminated off the bachelor and Cheston leave with no rose he's so like that's smart no we're also those hair extensions before she did oh now the police came in what abuse she had Jenny will knock you out she's a tough broad troublemaker Benny that's his name we in feel like I'm Trish Suhr name on Staten Island I get home Angelina's very upset now he's in trouble everything's so animated here okay who is the truck driver bringing home skanks like you truck drivers grenade I feel bad for the person that works here having pressed the buns every time they curse his trash mouths we pull his face he comes oh my god oh my side banks again shutting up so you shut up at this point I just don't give it anymore but she really called yourself with the Kim Kardashian in Staten Island she's not affecting me I don't care I don't give me the way Angelis handler now oh she was give me a finger I still come howdy let's go jump right on top of them hey watch tone and B it wasn't me Jenny's hair looks a lot better in the Sun oh I don't like all this drama putting his another oh those are fightin words look at Mike he knew something Jenny's such a good actor no one she wrote that no her dress looks like she got a sexy Pocahontas outfit from the slutty store and she took away like the headdress and little tights that came with it and wear it look at subete in the middle she's just trying to get a pickle off the counter and they're in the way what was that Jam oh my god no she doesn't the Pocahontas boots on never mind so if you haven't seen or heard the iconic note before opportune time Jenny dictating to Nicole and Nicole was sitting there with her little bump –it typing away like she's at school to learn to be a secretary quote Sam , the first night at bed when you left Ron made out with two girls and put his head between a cocktail waitresses breasts I love what they say breasts because they were trying to be like to try to make the note seem like a legal document no never even said breasts of fours also was grinding with multiple fat women period when you looked crying it clutch which I'm assuming as a club ron was holding hands and dancing with a female again the fanatical terms and took down her number multiple people in the house know therefore very fancy were you should know the truth period watch Jersey Shore a family vacation every year

27 thoughts on “Snooki’s BFF Reacts to the Biggest ‘Jersey Shore’ Blowout Fights | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

  1. “Look at Snoopie in the middle, she’s just tryin to get a pickle off the counter” 😂😂😂

  2. I don't see how that girl didn't get her and just beat… I'm not a violent person at all but in my small town.. We from the country we don't mess around…jenny too she wouldnt have gotten that full sentence out of her mouth in my face or Any girls from where I'm from.. I'm sure so many can relate… The fight scenes just get me lol… It would've been more like Ron and Mike if it were girls where we are from no joking!

  3. I give her props for trying… But if this were my town… We'd be scrapping it would have been bad.. No pulling hair sorry we would be swinging throwing down.. I love Snookie she just tiny and cute least she tried

  4. OMG 😂 lol everyone going on about the actress comment and no one heard the bumpit comment about her poof at 5:21

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