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Snooki’s BFF Reacts to the CRAZIEST FIGHTS from ‘Family Vacation’ | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

Snooki’s BFF Reacts to the CRAZIEST FIGHTS from ‘Family Vacation’ | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

that's it done again let's play drinking it but that's how Jenny's has done take a shot who are these sluts your phone down sounds like okay but you gotta go you gotta go they're fighting over what get to stay in which don't choose for good spray gel that day ooh now Jenny hot wind of things they're so mad that she just picks up some ice and throws like she's a lot going on she's about to hit do you know in the head was charged finest or follow the storyline now what's going on Olli who poured the beer Oh hold her back that was a lot to take in I think that döner through ice and then I don't know if it was before someone threw a beer on the and then Gina had to be held back [Applause] regretting everything oh this is another Titanic there she's wearing her Jack O'Lantern outfit again Ron was complaining about sharing a room with me for snoring get through snores why are you wearing sunglasses in the house all of you Mike you've been snoring for six houses straight after time I thought you were dying well tables have turned oh she's letting it all hang out now why aren't they drinking you are fake news that means like whatever comes Eddie mouth is suspect oh this is like your mama jokes this is fun to watch that when the boys get going take the suspect to know our town by was that a joke about prison oh this is this is I started wearing navy boot tank tops this summer because Rob looks so hot in navy blue tank tops so I remember wearing them all summer cuz I thought I'd look like Ron but it didn't translate oh my god been in polar hooking up they're going on a boat oh my god of now Angelina's here Chuck's pretty here must be the lens what's on those ends bitch nothing she's a hair oil the serum if you will her hair she looks like she's a social worker a baby who's the baby wild she's very handsy today good she's speaking to the death it's ripping the hippos is she signing you know what let me try to give this girl a shot so if anyone's hearing impaired girl this is the episode you're gonna want to watch cuz Jenny is unique cuts to the volume on you know exactly what's happening why sure again necklace and a choker it's making me feel weird are you here why are you here you're here because you're now she's bringing the airplanes in watch Jenny might have went home and seen her family but she came back J Wow I can't wait till user John I don't like people fight in it gives me anxiety I did take my entire ID medicine this morning though so I should be okay for the rest of the presentation other Sugar Factory Nicole it's hot what those glasses you look like the old lady in the shoe this is making me very thirsty I'm very hungry do have any cocktails you get one of my wedding rings I would never talk bad about you I'm hot this is crazy you look flushed bronzer where is Nicole going to an award show I'll take Warren's outside I'll keep her company you guys squash this here's Danny making drama out of nothing again she has her serious glasses on but why would I understand why they want to put a pie in her face her boyfriend is a piece of do it to Nicole you get much more comedic timing Nicole was supposed to come out and help me out here oh she's missing she's probably on the red carpet or out the award show presenting I had no idea that I know she switched off I had no idea okay okay to forgive Jenni cuz I have no choice my main focus is that Lauren is here that was all stupid drama for no reason he could have avoided that whole thing I just had more drinks well I hope you enjoyed your free chuckle click to subscribe

35 thoughts on “Snooki’s BFF Reacts to the CRAZIEST FIGHTS from ‘Family Vacation’ | Jersey Shore | MTV Reacts

  1. I feel like Deena is a little Chihuahua. All bark no bite. Also, she only acts " tough" when others are around. Al she is is 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

  2. Deena is scared of fights and runs outside, so Mike is left in there alone with the piranha. He had no choice but to apologize to her, or else there would be a fight, and he has to behave in front of Lauren. It all fizzled out because Mike had to grovel that he had no idea that Jenny couldn't 'take a pie in the face.

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