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SPAM BAG! – 3d printed clothes! How to 3d print on cloth and clothing!

SPAM BAG! - 3d printed clothes! How to 3d print on cloth and clothing!

hello interwebs I am back I know it's been a little bit and I apologize for that I had some pre YouTube projects that I had to attend to and I back now so I printed this it is a 3d printed spam bag so in my continuing series of printing stuff on clothing and cloth this will be my full how-to video I'm going to show you how to do this step by step and once you're set up for it it's really easy to do it's super simple and it comes out awesome these step for this are really easy so first you want to take whatever cloth item you have and you want to lay it down on your ironing board and iron it flat first just to make sure that all the wrinkles are out and if you don't have an ironing board you could just iron the clothing item on top of a towel that will work totally fine if you don't have an ironing board then you take a piece of Avery label sheet and you cut it to the size of the build plate now cutting it to the full size of the build plate is pretty important and I'll get to that in the next part I used my Flex 3d plate to measure the size of the build plate because the Flex 3d plate is the same size as the build plate now the next thing you want to do is line up where you want your design roughly okay and then turn your t-shirt inside out and then you align your AV label sheet onto the back of the surface and then stick it down and when you stick it down you're going to want to stick it in the exact spot so that your design is printing in the center of the white Avery label sheet and then you turn it back outside in again and then that way the label sheet is on the inside and the outside is the part that you're going to print on then it's really just a simple matter of loading the cloth into the printer I wouldn't recommend a printer that has a moving bed but a Cartesian printer like a MakerBot or a flashforge actually seems to work really well for this because the build plate doesn't move and I would worry about the build plate moving and the cloth getting caught up on something so I wouldn't recommend using one of those printers for this however you probably can let me know in the comments once you've loaded the clock into the printer and aligned it to where the label sheet is in the center of the build plate then you want to clip it down and you want to clip it down on all four corners and then just go ahead and launch your print don't forget that in your slicer if you have a purge nozzle cycle running which basically runs some filament out through the nozzle to prime it and get it ready before you print you're going to want to make sure that you do what I did which is prime the nozzle and stick a piece of paper underneath the nozzle and then what will happen is when the nozzle moves over you just pull the sheet out very quickly and then any additional filament won't run across the top of your design I find that designing for cloth is pretty easy you have to make sure that your designs are broken up and flexible came out great and it's this is this is on here this is not coming off I can't see this coming off at any point in time so I find that when you're actually printing on cloth you're going to want to make sure that you do at least three layers bare minimum this itself is ten millimeters which is pretty thick you can get away with ten millimeters I wouldn't exceed that but if you say printed like two to three millimeters that would be perfectly adequate and you would have enough layers to leave a solid design while still allowing the design to flex this doesn't really have any flex to it but it's on there really solid because as I said I designed it so it would be in pieces blah blah blah spam back I will put this design up on Thingiverse it is super simple to print on cloth I didn't think it would be this easy but it turns out it really is this easy all you have to do is use that Avery label sheet and it keeps the cloth flat I was totally surprised in that um and it works amazing I keep printing on cloth I've done a bunch of designs so far and I want to do more because this is it opens up a whole new range of possibilities to be able to print on cloth I could make chainmail armor that's printed directly on a glove or I could print on a piece of cloth and then wrap it around something I could print on a dress and someone could wear it there's there's so many different options in this and really it's great I mean this is not coming off so if you guys would like some stickers send me your email to sticky that's STI CKY at press reset comm and I will send you out some free stickers it's us only and it's limited to 3 stickers per person and I'll send me an email and I'll send you out 3 so don't forget about the contest and I keep adding to the pool so there's more stuff going into it so there's there's more stuff to give away there's gonna be some filament in there and some other things but anyway I keep adding to that pool and that's going to be going until I reach 1500 subscribers so the sooner we get to 1500 subscribers the sooner I can give more stuff away anyway if you found this helpful and you liked the video thumbs up if you want to see more content subscribe and I will see you guys ha Yeow rolling oh okay all right

23 thoughts on “SPAM BAG! – 3d printed clothes! How to 3d print on cloth and clothing!

  1. or just edit g code and remove dropping to z axis while moving to target x y , since usually that command start at the beginning of the print – redundant

  2. so can a 3d printer print a png image like this:http://lb-enzo.deviantart.com/art/Lady-657215859 on a garment like a t-shirt?

  3. I been 3d printing on cloth for two years. It took a while because i was a intermediate user at the time. I was using contact paper , and it work great.The rick is on getting the extrusion to penetrate the fabric. I try with most filament . My favorites are Ninja Semi Flex , Wood and Conductive. Am working on a wearable on cloth. Isn't many people doing it but is great. I also working on a cloth 3d printer just to print Shirts and Cloth. Nice an educating video great work !!!

  4. Great Video, saw a documentary and thought about this , its funny you published 3 days ago, had a question what printer did you use for this, and what model id like to try

  5. Man I love it, the full how to was very worth waiting for! Thanks for sharing once i have a cartesian built Ill will try this for sure!

  6. Good vid. Done this in the past with PLA and wasnt that great. Cant wait to see more flexible fils on shirts. awesome vid.

  7. I am guessing you are just ùsing PLA. Have you tried ABS?
    I am thinking of giving TPE (flex) a try. Might move a bit more naturally with the filament

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