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Stopping Phone, Social Media,TV (Our Unplugged Goals Each Week)

Stopping Phone, Social Media,TV (Our Unplugged Goals Each Week)

So Bill we actually did it. We were
unplugged. This is the true we did. And we weren’t just unplugged from our cell phones
we have actually made a list and we’re trying to do 17 hours of unplugged a
week and it’s a lot harder…but you know we’re talking about waking hours and
after work hours and we’re also talking about unplugging from the TV from even
going to the movies and even music. music. You know it’s a distraction so let’s see
what we could do and we’re gonna share it with you in just a few seconds. So we’ve all seen those postings on
social media….. could you go three months without you
know your apps or your phone or plugins and….depends what the incentive is…million
dollars. I don’t know what the catch is there about really you know what like
for us our business is social media we have podcasts right, Instagram and
Facebook and YouTube of course so like for us we wouldn’t be able to do that
but setting aside 17 hours we can do it. We’ve we’ve made up a list we checked it
twice we’re gonna…you said that’s a week right? Yeah 17 hours in a week that’s a
very good point. Now here we are in our kitchen
we’re in our old life which was like two weeks ago we used to just sort of…we
have an automatic one of those things that listens to your voice and so we
would say hey you know play whatever and it would play our song for me.
I would go ahead and make the dinner and then after dinner because we’re so
exhausted and we have to go to work again after dinner we’d go and sit in
front of the TV and it’s…it became a rut it became a real habit. Oh it
certainly did it…yeah a routine but not a good one.
Alright so things changed a couple of weeks ago. So what we did we visited our
daughter and she’s got this place out in the country and you know I thought oh
this is gonna be a great weekend until I look down at my phone and I saw no
service. And it’s like no service! What am I gonna do and I literally just panicked
but what are you going to do. What we decided to do was just let go. We had a
lot of things scheduled anyway you know automatically, so we just went ah
whatever and what we did was we we made dinner together.
We really could taste the food. Oh yeah it’s very good. Enjoy the wine and
you know we sat in conversation for like three hours over dinner. Then you sat on
the dock or the deck with your trusty little dog. Yeah it’s great. You
know just looking out at the forest and little Hurricane with me and it was
wonderful. And talking about the forest there was a path and the path led to a
secluded lake. I mean there was like two cottages on the whole lake it was so
breath taking. And she said oh look at the loon and there’s a loon right
beside us and then we we saw these bubbles in the water and this was a
great big huge snapping turtle and and but it was just swimming along. YeahI
not a care in the world. Like in the 1800s or something and and you know
when we got back home we sort of talked to each other and we went we kind of
capture that feeling like at least a few times a week. Because we came back way
more relaxed than if we went on a vacation you know for a whole week and
so that’s kind of what we want to share with you. So you’re probably thinking to
yourself do I really need this. I’m gonna be bored out of my mind you know
but but you gotta try it. You’ve just got to try even if you just tried ten hours
or five hours and and we’re talking seriously no apps, no music and not even
any books. We we want you to go back to talking to somebody again or if you’re
on your own like discovering nature just discovering your own silent talk and
we’re not talking about old man sitting on a bench you know staring into the
wilderness or into the lake for 17 hours. No we’re talking little snippets of time
that really means something at the end of the wee.kSso here are some of the
ideas that we came up with. Number one: go to your local grocery store or maybe
it’s one of those indoor/outdoor farmers markets
and have an idea of what you’re going to make for dinner that night and a lot of
this will happen on a weekend perhaps. But really think about what you want to do
and then when you get home with no distractions start just chopping up the
vegetables and you know enjoying each other’s company. Yeah a lot of times what
Heather and I’ll do she’ll start on let’s say that the meal and I’ll get the
wine going and that sound of the cork popping yeah it’s just oh so beautiful.
And again without the music and everything you’re actually hearing these
sounds and many times Bill he’s out in the backyard maybe in the summertime and
you know I’ve already pre prepared the meal and you’re out there starting to
get the coals going and you can really without the music you’re listening to
the birds and that the rustle of the of the trees and you know if it’s the
wintertime maybe you’re having the dinner at the dining-room table for a
change or you know some other place. Just enjoying it instead of sitting in front
of the TV. So for that dinner sequence you know by the time you start eating it
could be like five o’clock on a weekend until 10 o’clock if you include you know
the coffee or maybe an after dinnerCognac or something along those lines. Of
course we’re not going to include the shopping and the grocery shopping and
driving because that’s like one hectic disruption but definitely you can chalk
up five hours there to unplug time. Let’s move on to something else
and today it was raining yeah and you know other days for us it’s
snowing and you kind of look out the window and go ah it’s raining or it’s
snowing and you don’t go and play outside. And you know…we
used to do that a lot. We just go for walks and as long as there’s not
thunder and lightning yeah yeah yeah I love walking in the rain. Give me a good big
umbrella and I just love it. Sometimes we even just put our caps on
and we just even get wet you know we’re just walking around and so what. You know you’re walking in the rain and it’s just…there’s something really
refreshing about it it’s hard to describe. And in this picture here I’m
showing myself playing in the snow. And I think even the snow has fun. You see
the heart in this picture and you know a lot of people it’s like oh man it’s
snowing but you just get outside and enjoy. And talking about getting outside…hiking. Oh there’s another thing I love. And and you know hiking a lot of times
even in the big city there’s a place basically a five minute drive from us
which is a beautiful place. I’m sure you guys have got you know trails somewhere
close by yeah and what I like to do is it sounds kinda crazy but I like to sit
by a babbling brook and and kind of just relax and we got to remember a few
things with ourselves when we’re doing this like you know our water, we’re
gonna remember water, bug spray depending on whereabouts you are ya know and make
sure you got some good shoes too. Yeah so you want to make sure you’ve got
all that but some people that I see when I’m out on these hikes and again you
know make sure it’s a safe trail you want to make sure of that but I see some
people just sitting there with a sketch pad and they’re their drawing
dragonflies or their drawing you know a certain kind of a leafy fern and I know
they’re there for hours and just breathing in the air and enjoying that.
Not me I just draw a stickman. So but you see what she’s saying. And that
takes you hours as well. At least a good three hours there of a little hike. Yes so let’s go
onto something else. So the next one is what about checking out you know the
local well we still get a local paper here but on
the internet you know what’s happening in your area. There might be if it’s
warmer weather we just went to a street festival a Jazz Festival. Other times
when it’s not so…oh the food trucks. Yeah that was just here and you know if
it’s not the warmer weather maybe you could go to a craft fair, something
along those lines and it’s just browsing and the good thing about when we go
browsing to these places is I’m not shopping. Do you believe that? I don’t I don’t really have
that agenda .I’ll I’ll say to Bill, you know in a craft fair or something hey I
want to check this out or…but I know that it’s not really as we don’t have an
agenda I don’t want to spend a lot of money. You know maybe we’ll try a
cultural dish of some kind of a dinner that we’ve never tried before or you
know usually when I go to something like that and I’m buying a little something
something usually for under $20 but you know you can you can have such a good
time without shopping and these sort of things like the festivals and the street
sales and all of those sort of things. Yeah and like window shopping but one
thing I love to do is go to galleries. Just love looking at artwork and
depending on what galleries you go to it’s just beautiful. It’s so peaceful and
wow I just love it. And you don’t have to go to the Louvre either you know like
there’s a lot of……. maybe you have a local museum or you
know there’s all kinds of other things that you can go and take a look at so
you can chalk up about five hours with those. So with all the suggestions we’ve
had already we only have four hours left. So we’re gonna give you some more
suggestions but hey you know put in the comments some of the things that you
like to do. Like unplug things. Yeah it’s like Bill just
mentioned canoeing you know and kayaking yeah and other ideas could be how about
in the winter skating. Remember that was like our second date. Yeah I remember
that. Yeah as long as the pond or the lake or whatever is actually frozen, but if they
live in oh if you live in a warm climate that’s warm all year there’s lots of
indoor rinks, well hopefully there’s some indoor rinks where you are. But you can
skate maybe all year. Even roller skate. Yeah you really move and bike riding
wonderful things to do and our bike riding trails are out right along the
waterfronts so it’s it’s safe it is absolutely beautiful as well. So what are
some other ideas, how about brunch. You know whether you want brunch whether you
make it yourself or you know maybe pick a place you just walk to. Like we don’t
want that you know but but a beautiful brunch you know maybe french
toast with berries or my favorite is eggs Benedict and maybe even mimosa
there but you know… when you really… oh and what about here’s a crazy idea
but it’s a wonderful idea, a lot of hotels will give you a day pass for
about forty dollars each and what did we do Bill? Well we took advantage of it. We
go for the day we use their swimming pool. You get towels, there they usually
have a barbecue or some food service hopefully on the you know around the
pool and the best ones to go to if you can…..are
ones there on a rooftop, love it. And and remember the $40 we pay
each is a lot cheaper than you know booking into the hotel for a night, again
and that’s something you know a lot of stress to get there and that sort of
thing but check those out because they are around especially in the bigger city.
So let’s talk about a couple more things and then we can just wrap this up. So
some other kind of more relaxed things to do: meditate….what do you mean by
meditating? Well yeah I’m not talking about ohm and the special kind of yoga
or anything like that if that’s your thing
that’s super cool but a lot of times I just and this is
something that you really do alone is I just sort of sit up in our room by
myself I look out the window at the trees and I just go blank. I don’t know
how it happens but I just kind of go blank and it’s it’s I don’t know it’s so
refreshing it doesn’t last a long time I can’t do it for hours and hours like Eat
Pray Love could. It’s just one of those things that if you do get into
stillness and I think unplugging really helps you to get into stillness it’s one
of those things and another thing and again you could do this by yourself or
with somebody else is go out find a great place where you can watch the
sunset. Yeah sunset the Sun sunrise. I’m not into the sun rise, Im asleep but but remember the sunset in Santa Monica. Oh beautiful and and we
were like busy and we’re like okay let’s go and somebody said you know it’s going
to be sunset soon and we’re like yeah you know what like we don’t have time to
wait for a sunset and they said you know what this is the most beautiful sunset
you’ll ever see. We waited like at least an hour and a
half for that sunset and we were just still and waiting and watching the
difference in the clouds. And you know what struck…sorry Heather, you know what
struck me as interesting about that? We weren’t the only ones.
There’ was a lot of people. It was like who’s gonna be here, but it
was the Sun and it was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful something we
can go back on in our mindset as well. And there’s just literally thousands and
thousands of different things that you can do where you’re just a little bit
still. And sometimes we just gotta you know if you’re a child of the you know a
long time ago before we were all plugged in, just remember when your mum and dad
said you go out and play. So somebody else that loves to go out and play is
our little Hurricane, our little yorkie. Yeah he’s always unplugged. This guy he
just loves to well that’s another thing you know what we were talking about.
Being outside, what’s wrong with laying down in a
lounge chair in the backyard and or a hammock and just taking a nap.
Sure you know like maybe the nap part doesn’t count for all the unplug times
but you know there’s nothing wrong with that if you are just having the fresh
air and you doze off you know more power to you it’s it’s a good thing to be able
to do. But our little Hurricane he likes to doze off quite a bit and you
know when he’s here he reminds us to talk about the upcoming
videos, what we have coming into the future and on this station
youtube.com/AwesomeOver50inspiration We’ve got some more travel, fun, food videos. Oh and hey if you liked this video or these kind of videos don’t forget
there’s a subscribe button down there click on that and don’t forget to click
on the bell and you’ll be notified when the videos come out. One of
the videos coming out is starring this guy here…Bill! Bill makes the most amazing cup of coffee I
mean he uses a French press and you’re gonna tell people. Yeah the french press,
fresh coffee, like ground fresh ground coffee. Oh it’s just so good. And we’ll also add to
that one some other different coffees that we make like lattes and cappuccinos
and how we froth the milk. Some of the appliances that we use that are super…
some of them are super cheap you know to do this. So that’s coming up on an
upcoming video and then of course don’t forget awesome over 50 the beauty
channel. Youtube.com/AwesomeOver50 where you’ll find beauty and fashion.
Just recently I heard J-Lo she turned 50 and she said I’m aging
backwards and I thought to myself I’ve heard that before. So I went and did a
video on getting 10 years younger. I’m 64 now and I found some little tips and
tricks with style and makeup and health health tips that I really want to share
with you. So I guess the thing about this message is how really busy busy busy
we’re getting and how distracted we’re getting and I really hope that if you
like this and you try it out we pass it on to the younger generation as well .You know I think it’s it’s a really important thing to do that they’re not
always looking and scrolling all the time. I think it’s really important. I think it’s harder on the younger generation. For sure because
they’ve never been told to go out and play. Well we tried to say that but but
you know what it’s it’s all been watching you screen and and a lot of the
younger generation and even myself you know I’ll have such a busy day and I’ll
be looking at the screen all day and I’ll be doing this and that. I watch the
TV show and oh my gosh is that happening on the news. I
can’t sleep at night and we really need to have our sleep and have a good
night’s sleep and I truly believe that if you’re looking and scrolling just
before you go to sleep it’s it’s probably not
good thing you know as far as that is concerned. So I guess the message is here
let us know in the comments you know if you think this is a good idea and a good
idea to pass on to the younger generation and also maybe some ideas
that you have as well and also we’re almost finished here so go out and play. Keep it
awesome. Keep it awesome.

13 thoughts on “Stopping Phone, Social Media,TV (Our Unplugged Goals Each Week)

  1. What a wonderful video!! I wish we could still live in the pre cell phone and computer age, where quiet time didn't feel like a luxury. Hi to all three of you from Oregon. Gary.

  2. I once did 10 month free of Facebook. Only reactivated as a close friend died and I wanted to pay tribute.
    I did not miss it and if I didnt have a likes page for my business on there I wouldn't bother with it.
    I'd welcome a month away. No mobile. No landline, no electric. Nothing. No gadgets. It would be amazing . Best wishes .

  3. A definite yes to unplugging, although I'd miss the music, and the books. Another nice way of relaxing is spending time with animals. We have a bunch of crazy new kittens, and I could spend hours, happily, just watching them play. Animals definitely help us relax. Also, we get together with friends every month, and we recite poetry, and limericks, and tell jokes. It's such fun, and very far removed from anything electronic! Great topic Heather, and Bill. Thank you very much. Hugs to the lovely Hurricane. XOXO

  4. Love the sound of being "unplugged"πŸ˜„ I must run this video past my hubby & get some "free" time ❀

  5. I love to go to the beach, we love to go kayaking ! Never really thought about the hours we are unplugged! Will have to track the hours! Thank you for sharing πŸ’žπŸ˜˜

  6. I can unplug from everything but the laptop because I read on there. After the stroke I have trouble holding a book. But everything else can go. ) Mary Lou

  7. This was a great reminder of how 'far' we've come from having non-tech lives. Nature is the best de-stressor. Loved this video and thanks for making it. 😘

  8. I like to come home from work, get my book (a real book), glass of ice tea, and lay in the hammock under the tree and read for awhile. Aaaaaaahhh….

  9. Hi everyone, Heather here… if you want to see more from Awesome over 50 don't forget to visit our blog at https://www.Awesomeover50.com Enjoy!

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