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Sugoi Versa Jacket Review

Sugoi Versa Jacket Review

Hi, I’m Cindi Lou Grant, Jans Expert here to tell you about the Sugoi Versa Jacket. I love this jacket because it’s versatile I use it for mountain biking, hiking. It’s super breathable and water-resistant, so it’s good all around. If it gets too hot the sleeves just pull off with magnets and then you can just stash them in the convenient back pocket. It’s also got some sweet reflective tape on the side. It keeps me visible in the mountains and on the road. I really like this little stash pocket here for my phone. It keeps it out of harms way and in a convenient location for pictures. If you have any other questions about the Sugoi Versa Jacket or any other mountain recreation needs, check out Jans.com.

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