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‘Suits’ Stars Sarah Rafferty And Gabriel Macht Talk New Season, Royal Wedding And More | TODAY

‘Suits’ Stars Sarah Rafferty And Gabriel Macht Talk New Season, Royal Wedding And More | TODAY

it is the show you're gonna want to binge watch this summer the legal drama suits is back and it's hotter than ever and Dylan caught up with the all-star cast lucky girl I'm going to this episode here the all-star cast now includes Emmy winner Katherine Heigl she joins the series after the on-screen and off-screen wedding of their royal former co-star Megan Marco you two having these suits the fast-paced high stakes USA series is back for Season eight signs Hilton to live in my man the primetime drama focuses on a New York City law firm that's free staffing after the departures of some of their top talent the season's finale made headlines England's newest member of the royal family megan Markel made a splashy exit from the show alongside on screen both Patrick Jay Adams with what else a wedding is it hard to say goodbye when you were done filming last season it was definitely hard to say goodbye but you know we're a family we still have relationships with these people outside of work which is great season seven ends you guys watching Rachel Mike walking down the aisle in BAM this whole thing called a royal wedding and you're once again watching now Meghan walking down the aisle that kind of crazy it's absolutely surreal it's been sort of mind-blowing in so many ways but it was a remarkable day and just to be a part of such an uplifting moment in history with just pictures you guys posted were so fun it was it as amazing in person as it was for us watching MTV we got to sing god save the queen you're the queen does she like your performance she specifically reads about afterwards – wow thank us for a performance a few more performances short a please Dule Hill and Amanda shul have stepped into suits as series regulars under words were never spoken another new character to look out for Samantha wheeler played by Grey's Anatomy alum Katherine Heigl so explain Samantha what is her role in the show how did should kind of mess things up a little bit or just does she oh she guys she got this hidden past but she's fierce and strong-willed and smart definitely has an agenda and for you to come in on the 8th season it's been such an established show yeah was it nerve-racking I've never like walked into something that has you know been established and going and you are the new kid and you don't know everybody's coming I'm sure invite you to join them at lunch you know everyone was so incredibly embracing and just wonderful and kind right from the start which makes it a lot easier delay your character Alex they're serious all the time what Alex I don't believe it did you ever have to like go home like shake it off and and loosen up a little or no the good thing about me is I'm a pretty light hard to do as we say cut maybe sometimes when you have even said cut yet I'm well just like when I have my scenes we kidding we're always having a good time laughing joking while the cameras rolling in off the cameras oh no I kinda I've given it a shot I didn't think I was terrible so clearly there's a lot a lot of fun on set yeah we have a good time and no visit to the set of suits is complete without attempting legendary lawyer entrance or escape I think because they're usually so fast at the same time we all walk around here nobody puts a camera on us right these 1/8 of suits premieres tomorrow night at 9:00 8:00 central on our sister network USA hello today fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives

34 thoughts on “‘Suits’ Stars Sarah Rafferty And Gabriel Macht Talk New Season, Royal Wedding And More | TODAY

  1. last series was amazing, the characters for those long term fans have matured, for those new to the series its still just as awesome , even without mike and rachel

  2. Wait. No Mike or Rachel… I dont know how Suits will ever be the same!!!!! They are one of the main characters and with them gone! No I can't. I just can't…

  3. Yessss! I LOVE Donna/ Sarah Rafferty from suits!!! Omg she sooooo amazing! And I love her sooooo much to the point that comes mad I can't meet her….. Urghhh she's so awesome!! I'm literally the biggest and youngest fan of suits!!

  4. lol that Dule Hill guy was on smart guy in 1998 and 20 years later he still looks and dances the same.

  5. Who edited the audio on this? The music underneath is WAY too loud. Your music and your dialogue should never be fighting each other.

  6. I like this interviewer.. finally someone who is a true fan of this show and knows what questions to ask

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