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summer outfit ideas 2019 (mostly brandy melville and vans ouff)

summer outfit ideas 2019  (mostly brandy melville and vans ouff)

[Applause] welcome I'm sorry welcome to this amazing summer after its video it's so amazing I don't even know how to explain me my earbuds are falling off because I'm that excited about this so yeah this is what I'm going to be wearing me throughout my summer I'm am going to be wearing shorts even though I hate wearing shorts because I look like frickin Bambi when it's slipping on ice my life she's look awkward whatever I do so yeah that's fun subscribe if you want to I don't know why you would subscribe because you haven't really seen the video yet so you don't know what you're getting but subscribe anyways because surprises are fun I'm gonna stop now okay enjoy my outfits maybe get some inspiration maybe not I don't know who you are yes I know who you are I am you okay let's just keep on going I don't know how to do interests obviously as you can see right now this one is called I'm secretly a dad no reason behind it but I am secretly a dad the t-shirt is from brandy melville and look at that awkward pose mom jeans are from Urban Outfitters oh my god socks are from a here and impaler store good luck finding those and shoes are from Birkenstocks drugs Duke's stocks the belt is my brother spelled so I guess just find a really freaking old belt that is slightly too big for you and you're okay and I hope you like my awkward dancing because I am NOT I'm not right now I'm not having a good time watching this oh shoot what is that what am i doing this one I'm calling I'm not wearing a bra but I'm part of the itty bitty titty committee so nothing's gonna happen the tapas again from brandy melville shorts I have no idea because the tag is so borne out that I literally don't know so I guess a thrift store your mom's closet your brother's closet who knows but I freaking love them and belt again for my brother look at me awkward posing I couldn't really get the belt on but here's my shoes again beautiful the shoes are from superga I love them so much and Wow here is the top again isn't it beautiful look at my shoulders whoo oh my lord who is she Wow shoes again I mean seriously Louboutin Fashion Show 2020 here I come these poses are fire the face at the end says everything this shirt makes me look like I'm a knockoff version of Sherlock Holmes or something like that so I guess you could say what you ordered online versus what you get in the mail because this is literally it yeah this shirt is from brandy melville I'm so tired of saying brandy melville now and with this shirt you can button it up you can button it down however you want to girl the bralette thingy is from Colin Klein beautiful the jeans are from Levi's there's a straight cat Venice something I don't know shoes are again from Vance I cannot go a day with that when around come on and more awkward dancing Wow what is that what am i okay I'm just gonna let this happen just let her have her moment please you know what I like about these jeans is that it has like a repiy thingy but the Reaper thing he does not go on my knee at all so I don't know what what they were thinking I guess they were not made for me and more awkward things Wow yeah and this outfit is called I don't know if it's hot or cold but I'm here this sweater is again from random lol just accept that everything is from brandy melville it's not my fault it's nature's fault the shorts is from Levi's again I'm sorry the belts is a shell belt that I got from my mom's closet thank you momma the shoes are gained from vans I love this van so much and the scars on my legs I made myself from bumps and bruises more awkward dancing look at my legs I don't know what is about my legs as I'm sort of complex about my legs they just I don't know I don't know guys I I don't know and here is me looking freaking creepy Wow more poses Wow look at her I need to stop saying Wow here's me trying to look cute but failing um yeah I don't know why I thought I could look cute that it that ain't happening more poses great this effort I'm calling I'm going to spill coffee on my pants later the top is from brandy who would have thought the jeans thingy is from H&M I don't know what these are called but I look like a freaking toddler in this so it must be like toddler pants shoes these are from bands that the pink ones I love them freakin love them and here is me falling trying to look cool so there you go looking at myself in the mirror again here's the top e top and yep and then I was like what am i doing and then I tried to look cute again didn't work clothes my closet door for some reason here's my shoes again and I'm what am I doing here what what are you doing what was your plan with this oh I bet you haven't seen the outfits video like this before yeah this one I'm calling I am the beach the top is again from brandy melville shorts are from Levi's the belt against my mom's closet and I'm wearing my freakin cricketer crocs if you don't like Crocs I'm feel sorry for you because Crocs are amazing and I love them excuse my amazing dance moves that's the most amazing thing I've ever seen Monta life but yeah freakin love this top because it looks like a bathing suit from the 80s kind of thing that's kind of vibe like it yeah and I'm dancing again whoa I didn't know that I'll laugh is for under metal belt related I'm sorry I didn't know that it just happened somebody's falling downstairs it's the end of the video my knee is literally asleep I don't know how that happen but I've walked to the bathroom and my knee was freaking asleep I almost fell over so you know life is great and what do you say at the end I sort of God I'm going to kill my ear buds ear buds they're not pods but I'm poor where was I oh yeah this is the end of the video I just edited it to completion oh that sounds why do everything I say sound wrong yeah I did it this is the end hope you liked it hope you subscribed and then my clicking I'm sorry and then my freaking photobooth cut out I don't know why it's the next day and I look like the Grim Reaper but hi just sum it up I am bored because of summer vacation and everybody's on vacation always working or has moved away from being so young bored hope you comment something nice in my comments so that's cool I guess I'll see you another time another day maybe this week maybe next week if I freakin stop procrastinating and do something for a change a papaya

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  1. I just uploaded a summer outfit ideas lookbook too! You look so great in all of them, just subbed 🙂

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