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Tailoring & Clothing Alterations : How to Fix a Sweater That Has Shrunk

Tailoring & Clothing Alterations : How to Fix a Sweater That Has Shrunk

Hi, I’m Debrah DeMirza at Deluxe. It’s a retail
clothing boutique in Eugene, Oregon. And today, I’m going to show you how to stretch out a
shrunken sweater, and usually that happens with wool. So, what you need to do first is
dampen your wool sweater, and not get it sopping wet. You want to dampen it and then, what
you want to do is stretch it. Now, sometimes you’ll have a sweater that fits great everywhere
else, but maybe it’s too tight in certain areas so you can spot stretch those areas.
And what I usually do, and what you want to have is one free hand for your iron. You want
to set your iron on a high enough heat, but not to burn your fabric. And so what you can
do; say you want to stretch out the bottom, and what I usually do is I use my body to
hold against it, and then I pull the fabric with one hand, and while it’s damp you can
just gently stretch the sweater, and gently lay your iron on the sweater. And what it
does is it keeps your fabric stretched out the way you have it. Now, if that’s too difficult
what you can usually do too is you can use some pins, straight pins, and you can just
adhere the side of the sweater to your ironing board cover, and you can just do that in several
different places. And then you’re using that so you still have a free hand. And then, when
you’re using your iron you can pull, and then you can iron it gently by just laying it on
top. Now, obviously some fabrics are going to not look very nice if you don’t use a pressing
cloth, or you might burn some of the fibers, so what you want to do is you can use a pressing
cloth if you have to keep your iron on for any length of time. And usually you just do
it a few seconds, but that could be enough to mess up your fabric, so I usually use a
a pressing cloth for almost everything. And then, what you can do is keep checking it,
and again, like I said; now if you’ve stretched it out too much you can re-dampen, or usually
it’s still damp, so what you can do is just kind of scrunch it back up, and then you can
pat it down while it’s wet, and you can even iron that back in by gently pressing down
on your iron, again, using a pressing cloth, and you’ll notice that that goes back together
with wool. And that’s how you can stretch out a shrunken sweater.

6 thoughts on “Tailoring & Clothing Alterations : How to Fix a Sweater That Has Shrunk

  1. Brilliant. Really helpful as mine seem to shrink lengthways and end up too short :S. Thank you very much and Happy New Year 🙂

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