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Testing a 'shark suit' that lets divers get up close without case

Testing a 'shark suit' that lets divers get up close without case

47 thoughts on “Testing a 'shark suit' that lets divers get up close without case

  1. TED – "DON'T EAT ME WETSUIT" Published on Apr 23, 2014 -Hamish Jolly, designs a sleek suit that taps our growing understanding of shark vision. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCIL2nvU4x8 🌊🦈

  2. I have four children who hate bees, whenever we go to the park and one stings them they try to kill them all. It's like sharks , when one attacks we go into a frenzy and try to kill them. I remind my children, you can't go into a bees territory and get mad if it stings you. You can't go into the ocean and get mad when a shark attacks. They are all apart of the ecosystem and valuable, without one our whole system is thrown off

  3. I know a lot about sharks to that tigershark you saw it I knew it right away I was a tiger shark because when it opened its mouth I could see it serrated teeth tiger sharks teeth have a distinctive marking and the stripes on the tiger shark was very clear

  4. Sharks are silent hunters? What a profound statement that most people are not aware of. I myself hate noisy fish.. with their tap dancing and loud saxophones. It’s just rude. 😉

  5. ABC, how come you disable the live chat on your live feed ..tired of being called FAKE NEWS? ABC.. truly enemy of the people

  6. Anyone else tired of these Robo call apps commercials it’s so annoying like STOP!!! I’m not buying your app then I can just not pick up the phone or hang up on them myself!

  7. Why the fuck is it always white people like it truly pisses me off as a white man why is my race so stupid..

  8. And with this new movie crawl coming to see these alligators from the flood just think sharks coming up from the ocean as well…. We are all gonners who will have the money to get these suits for every person in their family to protect them in a time like that…. 😱

  9. 😭😭🤣🤣science!! If You believe this… nothing is 100% don’t be a dumbass in life eventually you will fail

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