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The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Doggie Plays Dress-up | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Doggie Plays Dress-up | truTV

♪♪ So, this was a milestone — the very last shoot day
of season one. But before we could celebrate,
we had to get through a particularly challenging day
of filming with live animals at one of the biggest
doggie daycares in the South. -Hello.
-Hey, how are you? -Nice to meet you finally.
-Nice to meet you, too. Yes. This is Emma. The owner really wants her to,
uh, respond to a ball. Like, so when they throw
the ball, she doesn’t go get it. Yeah. I know.
That’s exactly what my dog — Some dogs just have it
in them to be doing that. Here, you want to hold her
for a second? -Yeah.
-Okay. You think just because
she’s shy, or –? Um, you know, different dogs
have innate abilities, you know,
to do one thing or another. So we’re gonna train her
with the dog house, okay? Okay. ‘Cause they get a little bit
of privacy here, so put this up right here.
Good. And you can help me
with the roof. We could do that, right? This reminds me when I took
my dog to training school. Oh, you took your dog
to training? Yes.
He was way worse. I literally had to bribe him
with, you know, specialized treats. Oh, really? Treats that the other dogs
would love. Your dog was spoiled, or –? Yes, he was. He’s, you know,
he started off — I got him when I was
out here in Atlanta… -Yeah.
-…from a breeder —
Shih Tzu breeder. Alright, Emma, are you gonna
respond to this ball? Let’s see
if she does this here. Come on.
We’ll take her leash off. Here, you want to hold
onto that leash? Okay.
Here we go. Come on, Emma.
Come on, Emma. Get the ball. Here we go,
right in the doghouse. Here we go. Here we go. Go get the ball. Go get the ball. The ball. Go get it.
It’s over there. It’s in there.
Go get it. I’m telling you, just not
responsive to the ball. It’s really strange
because she responds to — we had, like, all these
costumes — doggie costumes. Oh, so she likes stuff
like that. She loves those.
Go grab one of those. Just grab any one. There’s a whole bunch
of them there. ♪♪ That’s good.
What is that? Pirate? What is it? Look like a pirate. Okay, we’ll try that. Alright, Emma.
Come on. Do you smell that?
Come here, Emma. You smell that?
Come here. Smell the costume?
Will you respond to that? Come here. Here.
Will you respond to that? Go get it.
Go get it. Oh, there she goes. Go get it. Go get it. Oh, there she goes.
There she goes. Go get it. Go get it. Now bring it back.
Oh, good girl! What the hell? Good girl, good girl, good girl.
Good girl! I missed that entire,
like, moment. What do you mean? What — How did she
get in there so fast? Oh, my gosh.
She’s like — Come on. I wish I could get my dog
to do that, now. Yeah. She just —
She just responds to costumes. She just loves to — Maybe she wants to be a star. Yeah. She’s like,
“I’m past the balls.” Yeah.
Like, she loves to wear things. Yeah. You know? That is, like — what is she —
what is she, uh, mixed with? She’s a terrier. Now, I wouldn’t normally use a business owner’s dog
for a trick like this. But she was the only one
who fit into our outfits. In retrospect, we probably
shouldn’t have been working with someone’s pet
instead of a trained dog. But it all worked out
in the end. She keeps putting on
her owner’s underwear. So we’re trying to break
her of that habit.

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