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The Fabric of Football | Arsenal: This is Home

The Fabric of Football | Arsenal: This is Home

there is only one rate in white t as arsenal it's the greatest club in the world we've got the greatest bands in the world there were the history of women's football I getting goosebumps already when I signed for us no I think that as as petrified as I've been in my whole life and that is even when I was running from gangs when we were kids running from skin it's not a celebration it's elemental CAC mercy some songs about song has always been one of the greatest clubs in women's football and I think over the past years I think we've been struggling a bit but we're on the way back and we want to win the chamber sleek again and that's the main goal we take a lot of pride in being together we are a team so if you want to join us you will need to be part of a team to create something special can say Astor's mob is in my blood of girl not living in Arsenal always wore Arsenal t-shirt square knot PE are in a park in a cage and my friends always been wearing ostentatious oh yeah love in the club and I still have so much love for the team was you just answer to the late-night read on EKG we lose weight the position is then 12-8 position I use them to sort a large Manassas Arkansas stand by my view fit for money key people make xperia finally coop responded to the man crab which is been into sauce only simple scheme ecclesia very respectful very humble and we always say like doing it the arson away and that's on the pitch and in general as well we need to move forward no matter what happens so this club as I said has never shied away or making the right steps at the right time to be successful yes big roof going on right now third place here everywhere but I think Arsenal is one of the biggest examples for a lot of fans are obviously coming or to our games right now we we've got everything we need that the club the men's team are supporting us and I think it's just a really nice Club to be part of from a while back Arsenal you you got a chance as a black player to play for Arsenal when I got there is Michael Thomas Paul Davis when you're talking about the estate where I came off of you want to see where the black players were people supported ask them because they see it as a London club they were Londoners black London has what they were getting to that scene and play well from and get into the first team remember who you are what you are and who you represent that's what Arsenal's about right is a great player you know that it came into the team from nowhere struggle and made lot of goals glory to the cloud my son to play fast now see glorifying experience I also love us now and when he decided to go play fast man I was very very happy I became the happiest father on that day I think the Arsenal where is you know we have the values of always move forward be together and act with class if you want to be part of that Club you need to have certain kind of respect discipline and humility and these free words are very important to me so once you understand what they really mean in terms of the club's vision you know to prepare these young kids for their futures that's a big job you need to work harder faster faster and it'll fit come on move it move it move it there's only one goal right now unless to make us a professional and I have to focus I have to be tunnel vision on one thing we must have been disciplined yeah when I signed I was member I was wearing a yellow awesome latisha or just mine either my mom gave me the nicest haircut yeah I was a buzz in society man get your men you can feel all different culture future we say yeah culture so it's a good mix and we're feeling well the journal mentality is similar to the to the author mentality so awesome is a very welcoming Club pressures on those young players is immense all you're hoping for people like there will be you know Reese Nelson players who get in is that they continue to progress because the pressure they're under I don't think I can get into the same mindset as what they have to deal with it took me two weeks of playing it because we use to away games and then yeah we played against Chelsea and I scored against them I got a trick in that one as well got that bad that's what we're talking about this one's amazing as well a couple of actrix in this one – two in a week it's so simple Dave the color you can see the colors similar to their to the old classics and it's just it's just simple and just classy exactly what we are I think there's so many young London are supported in Arsenal because they relate to the plain style they relate to the success the history of this club so Arsenal takes a lot of pride in plain style attacking football dominating possession and that's what these youngsters love it supporting that red kids one of the best feelings in the world and I one day hope I'll do that in the stadium in front of many fans make my parents proud when you have a son like Malcolm there it's really passionate about what he's doing you don't have to criticize him before you criticize himself when something didn't go right for him the other day came back from trainee and he was saying oh I think I didn't do something right I'm going to run now the pressures for a young player coming through the Academy for me to try to explain the pressure that they are under its immense it's why the fans had so much love for you that you got through as a Londoner to actually play for Arsenal it was back in the day that's why I would say the players would get so much love and so much support the Arsenal boys make a run they're quick on their feet and they score for fun little fan somebody who supports their team through thick and thin does not abuse them and who encourages them to do better if they're doing badly and reward them with smiles and everything when they do when they do well and they go to other matches whether they're important matches or or just tiny little matches with small teams that is a truth the club actually honored me by doing a two-page spread about me in the Bournemouth program to page over with me with my mouth wide open as you can see singer singing away the ladies honored me at the Everton game and they gave me a massive bunch of flowers red and white of course and they also gave me this wonderful thing – it's a birthday cake happy of 80th birthday Maria and I thought that was really sweet of them very very nice indeed Chavez ophelia club song sweet here the club had a fan base Orvis used to shed summarize fine by us analysts club pensions awfully over here then we shift as Manasa famously and is a song Martha my office – towards bill Emma vanished as we were in stallion order women Timbo's wish to study on file mark Figgins hot on the knife as escorts often just portable the I'm Manish besides supporting the mainland which as I said I have done since 1950 and I also go to borrow more to watch the youth team I think that they we're getting some really great young players coming through the Academy you want to see a player that is plain wholeheartedly for the club in the shirt that's all the fans one the fans are the only fingers pure that's left in the game they don't change you know I mean we all change some people change their teams and that's what you do as a footballer you move from one team that you say you love you kiss that bad you might go somewhere else and kiss another bad fans can't do that so all they want to see as you and as obvious as it sounds is you just giving everything you can for the shirt you know I mean just plain your eyes it's very very simple I've had to choose between two things and most of the time I've chosen to go to football disappointing my friends and family but they know I have to be at the football I do I have to be there live I know it's not home but when I get to the Emirates it feels like home

36 thoughts on “The Fabric of Football | Arsenal: This is Home

  1. Fuck sake . Arsenal aren't the greatest football club in world . They are not as big as they think they are . They have 3 premier leagues that's it . No champions league I mean that's pathetic.

  2. I've never heard so many people talking rubbish in 10min….. I'm 36yrs old, this team is not good enough, they not arsenal by nature just talking a load of #######! Whritey exception

  3. That granny just shat on AFTV:
    “An Arsenal fan supports the club through thick and thin.Does not abuse them.

    I mean AFTV called:
    •Giroud a lamppost
    •Ramsey a hamroll
    •Wally Walcott
    •Alexis Dogshagger Sanchez

    If we’re losing at half time you can hear the loud boos all around the stadium. In my opinion we’ve lost our class a very long time ago and we wonder why we’re laughed at by every other fan because we’re making a joke out of ourselves.🤦‍♂️

  4. supporting Arsenal since 2002, that time was 5 years old in kindergarten, and of course it was Thierry Henry brought me to Arsenal. Now im 22, in the future, my son is going to support Arsenal too, continue on the legacy.

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