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The Grasshopper Mouse Is a Killer Howling Rodent | Nat Geo Wild

The Grasshopper Mouse Is a Killer Howling Rodent | Nat Geo Wild

[music playing] NARRATOR: In the middle
of the Sonoran Desert, this mother grasshopper
mouse tends to her pups. While tiny and adorable,
don’t be mistaken. This is not your
common house mouse. From the day they are born,
these mice are natural killers. Insects, lizards, scorpions,
and even, other mice, are all on the menu. This mouse is distinguished
from most other rodents in its reliance on
a meat-based diet. It regularly takes on prey as
large, or larger, than itself. Making the grasshopper mouse
even more of a stand out is its immunity
to scorpion venom. Not only can it withstand
the typically, deadly stings, its body has adapted to convert
the toxins into a pain killer. After a scorpion, a giant
centipede might seem easy. However, these
centipedes are venomous. A pocket mouse has already
fallen victim to its toxins. The grasshopper mouse
isn’t intimidated. This time, the
trick up its sleeve isn’t immunity, but agility. It uses its quick reflexes
to avoid the venom from the centipedes fangs. Before it enjoys
another fresh kill, the mouse proclaims its
territory, by howling. The mouse throws its
head back and lets out a high pitched cry,
into the night sky. Giving it the nickname
of werewolf mouse.

100 thoughts on “The Grasshopper Mouse Is a Killer Howling Rodent | Nat Geo Wild

  1. The grasshopper mouse has amazing agility and is immune to a scorpion's venom. What are your thoughts on this impressive creature?

  2. If these hoppers was in our houses etc … every body would be hopping to different houses etc 😆 r living on the streets 😆 😆

  3. Whoa! A super tough mouse! A super tough mouse that acts like a werewolf! And is immune to deadly poison converting it into painkillers! Amazing! Surprising! Fascinating! Incredible!

  4. This is my new favorite animal. Look how fierce he is. Cutest little killer. Yesh he is. You howl and let them all know who's boss.

  5. How is it these have never been domesticated as a house pet that can keep the house free of insect pests?? Someone's missed a trick there! Mind you, if you think your guinea pig is a noisy little runt, these bad boys would keep everyone up after dark.

  6. Ours is not a killer he is antisocial so antiocial he was going under seaweed eating bits and pieces thinking nobody could see him…little did he know we could all see it moving and thought he was a frog… yeah so not right at all I think he though the top had more coverage then what it actually did….his like these two big people arent so bad they aren't like the others

  7. The carnivorous monster revealed its sharp teeth and let out a ear spitting howl oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this mouse is bigger and is a tough *tough cookie and has a TASTE FOR BLOOOOOOOOOOOD

    baby scorpion,listening to her mother’s story *shaking intensifies*

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