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The Jacket That Makes Music | Machina’s MIDI Jacket

The Jacket That Makes Music | Machina’s MIDI Jacket

29 thoughts on “The Jacket That Makes Music | Machina’s MIDI Jacket

  1. I propose they focus on manipulation of already existing tracks rather than making music from scratch. Maybe they should get dancers on board too cause they are like the only customers lol.

  2. Cool concept, but horrible execution. First thing; nobody wants to wear a jacket on stage. It gets really hot up there. Secondly, you have to consider what people will use the jacket for. Chances are, they'll only be using it to control parameters of an effect rather than triggering clips or playing midi notes, so you need more buttons to trigger effects on and off, and to switch between them, so that, when you move your arm, you're not constantly sweeping the filter, or whatever effect is turned on at the time. Next, you need LED lights. How do you know if an effect is turned on or off without having to look at the computer screen? Most DJ's don't like to look at the their screens while performing. Finally, touch strips on the sleeves or chest would make for better precision than an accelerometer. The accelerometers on the arms are cool, but definitely not useful for precision control. You guys need better direction. Figure out how the jacket will be used before you even make the jacket.

  3. the sound seems too difficult to control. the examples were more dancing than displays of sound. it needs to be simplified with a wider range of sound.. or a less sensitive pitch spectrum. it'd be cool to make it sync with a certain scale or just key. so it jumps from note to note instead of a constant glide of pitches. like every 3 inches of movement it changes notes, so just going from low to high physically goes up a scale in sound. ….or just make it work like a theremin. haha cool idea tho.

  4. Gotta give it to Machina… this jacket looks awesome! MIDI means we can use it with all our favorite devices. I want one of these so bad! Thanks to The Creator's Project for all the great entertainment!

  5. Hace 10 años aproximadamente, Ableton, ya había sacado una especie de "armadura" que hacía lo mismo.

  6. I just had a good marketing idea for these guys. An idea that can quickly get their product out there for everyone to talk about. 

  7. If somebody was wearing that jacket in my house making those noises I would knock them the fuck out no questions. Crack crack would be the last sound they ever heard.

  8. Brilliant.  I saw Laurie Anderson wear something like this in a show 20 years ago, but it wasn't available for the public.  How cool to stand on a street corner and jam with a group of strangers!

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