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The Try Guys Try Valentine's Day Lingerie

The Try Guys Try Valentine's Day Lingerie

– What is the point of a
pocket in for like, oh no! – Today we are getting naked
for the Internet again. – We're trying on
Valentine's Day lingerie. – We're back baby! – I have no experience with sexy lingerie, which is kinda sad. – Maybe it'll get us all in the mood. I'm wearing a dance
belt and we're hiding it because the dance belt still looks gross. – How's the butt? – The butt's great. – Well, thank you.
– Your butt look good. – This is a corset, right? Of course it is. – I already hate this because there are way too many clasps on it. I feel like the sexiest thing clothes can do is be easy to take off. – I feel like I'm talkin' a little higher because it's just sucking everything in. – The pressure literally
pushed that burp out of me. – It's like I'm being
punished for dating you. – How expensive is this nonsense? – It's like Disney version of sexy. – I like these! – I'm looking at this, and I'm confused because there are so many leg holes. Oh no, that's not a leg
hole, that's a butt. – Oh yeah! – I'm afraid to bend down because this string may never escape me. – Oh, this hurts! The fabric is scratching my stomach. – They don't show that
part in sexy movies. Like, you know, you gotta prepare. – I think this is more
trouble than it's worth. I think if they had this in velcro, yeah. – What the (bleep) is this? – What? Huh? – This one's really selling
something, you know. – I am… Oh, I missed! Ow! – When I saw this, I'm like,
"How you cover the boobs?" The answer is, "You don't." – I need someone's help. – How can anyone without an engineering degree figure this out? – This is a Rubik's Cube of lingerie. – Who knew being sexy was so hard? – Does it look like the box? No! Does it look like a sexy
train wreck of cables? Yes! – If it's even half as hard to
take off as it was to put on, this is not worth it. – I don't think men would do Valentine's Day, if they
had this type of suit. That's a lot of butt. – I don't think anyone
would look great in this. – This does make me feel
differently about Valentine's Day. It makes me feel like
I'm not missin' much. – I don't like the name of that. We should rename this. – Hello. – This is what I pictured. This is what I think lingerie should be. – I bet Keith likes this. – What else is there to say, it's cute! – First of all, easy access. – It's good because I'm flexible to go in all different sorts of positions. – I feel like a bird. – Like a nice little,
gentle breeze on my legs that I'm not quite used to. – This one's cozy. I feel like a woman could
be sexy, yet comfortable. – If my wife wore this,
I would be turned on. – This is the, "I forgot to
get you a present" present. – This is ripped already. I assume Ned is to blame. – Oh, I ripped it! – This will make so
few people look better. – I look like the mayor
of a nudist colony. Like the day you found
out Santa isn't real. – Does that look like breasts? – My boob keeps poppin' out. Get back in there. – If I straighten up, it
rams the string up my butt. – I just feel bad that the girls always have things up their butts. – Almost like getting it prostate exam. – It's very obvious to me that this is not made for all body types. You better be buyin' me
a nice dinner tonight. I'm talkin' like all of them. We're getting dessert too. If they had man lingerie,
I'm not doin' it. – I understand it's a lot of work to put on Valentine's Day lingerie. Do I still like the way it looks? I do. – From tryin' on ladies' underwear before, I already know it's fairly
uncomfortable and sexy. This is just extremely
uncomfortable and less sexy. – If it makes you feel good,
and it makes your partner think you look extra great,
then I think it's fantastic. – I mean the point of this is we just want to have sex, right so… Let's skip this and just get to it. – Hold on. This is the problem with it. It's so hard to take
it off once I'm ready. (Coughing)

30 thoughts on “The Try Guys Try Valentine's Day Lingerie

  1. I love how ned says "if my wife wears wears this this will turn me on" , hes really devoted to her wife. damn.

  2. You know the sadest thing is when you walk into victoria secret and buy underwear and walk to the cashier and she asks you "who you working for" and you say no one and theres just a silence

  3. I love how they know each other so well they can predict each other

    Keith: This has been ripped I bet Ned did it.

    Ned: flash back *Ned rips lingerie*

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