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This T-SHIRT Made Me $3,984.29!!!

This T-SHIRT Made Me $3,984.29!!!

Hey everyone my name is Katie Patton. In
this video I’m gonna go over a shirt, just one shirt design with Merch by
Amazon that’s made me almost four thousand dollars. And this is a shirt
that I didn’t design. I just made sure that I changed it and uploaded it and
made it my own. And I made four thousand dollars just one shirt. You know how many
designs you can upload? Right now I’m at the eight thousand here. So think about
that. You don’t always have a winner. You, obviously it’s a numbers game but
this one shirt made me four thousand. So it kind of just evens out and you’re
really thinking about how many are you going to upload. And how many are gonna
be winners. Well this one was a winner and I’m gonna share it with you. I know a
lot of people don’t really share their designs they’re afraid that people are
gonna steal it. Well the thing is is that this design is so basic that people have
already uploaded other versions of it with the same exact design. It’s
something that’s in the public domain that I got from Pixabay and I uploaded
it my own and it’s got a lot of sales. It also has some reviews and it has even
like a photo on the review. There’s so many customers that people actually were
answering the questions that were asked and I didn’t have to do any of that work.
So let me show you what it is right here. So here is the shirt. It is sort of a
feminist. It’s a female logo with a fist and this is a logo that you might have
seen on Pixabay. Well it’s really popular and people use it but here it is. Now I
only have these five colors because when I uploaded it you can only choose five
colors. But it’s got feminist symbol t-shirt protest or support feminism
that’s it that’s the title. Has 14 ratings at four stars and the reason why
it’s like that is because the shirts weren’t as good quality back then. Now
they really are good quality and I put this in a female symbol strong
symbol for women’s rights. So if you’re thinking that your description or
anything like that isn’t adequate well it probably is. It just needs to get some
traffic to it. Now there’s obviously different versions that people are
selling and sponsoring. And right now the rank is really bad. It’s like a million
but it wasn’t like that in the past. It sold a lot and it actually has if you
notice some customer images which is really great. It has a lot of reviews. I
have some somewhat they also bought so this one shirt I got for free this
design. And I just put it on my own and uploaded it and put in this basic
information and made almost four thousand dollars just from this one
shirt. Now do you think you would be able to take a design that’s already out
there and plop it on your own design, upload it maybe change something about
it maybe the color add some text just do that and then have it for sale on Amazon?
You don’t have to pay for any inventory. You just make the design and upload it
and you get royalties like I did with this one shirt. Do you think you could do
that well I think you can too. And the thing is is that I’ve created a video
training. I actually just updated it yesterday. It’s been uploaded and it’s
rendered in everything else and it’s up there for sale right now. It’s on a
discount price just because I’ve updated it I wanted to make sure people got the
original price if they didn’t get it before. I’ve had over 200 students but I
wanted to make sure that there’s a chance for people that are just starting
out to learn so there’s only 20 spots left it was originally 25 but people
have already been buying it because I posted it last night. But it was for sale
so if you are interested in learn how to do merch by Amazon and using some
of the free editing programs that they have out there. Well then you want to
check out my website. I’ll leave the link below in the description and up here in
the annotations for that. So I hope that you’re excited about this opportunity
and see that hey yeah everyone’s been doing these shirts but there are times
where you’re gonna make a thousand thousands of dollars on one shirt. It’s
very possible because the power of Amazon and all of the traffic that goes
to it. So many people just go to amazon.com to shop they don’t go to
Google and then you know look for t-shirts. They want to know that they can
buy it with Prime and they go to amazon.com specifically for all of their
wardrobe things because they know that they’re gonna be able to return it. And
you will have returns but the thing is it’s not out of pocket. You’re not paying
out of pocket for that shirt you’re just getting your royalties taken away for it.
And you can just keep getting these royalties year after year. This shirt I
uploaded like three years ago and I still get royalties on the same design
and I’ve added it to tank tops and other things like that that have sold. So even
though there’s so many other people with the same exact design it’s still worth
uploading it’s still worth getting in into the Merch by Amazon game. And if you
want to learn how and if you want to learn sort of some cute techniques that
you can do to make sure that you’re you’re not doing any copyrighted things
then check out my course because it goes through some of the unique things that
you can do and ways that you can make your designs faster. How you can change
them up. How you can take a design that’s for free that most people would skip
over but you change the colors of it and add some text and all sorts of things
that you can make a unique design out of these public-domain designs. So if you’re
interested again please check out the link below and get that sale price
before it runs out.

11 thoughts on “This T-SHIRT Made Me $3,984.29!!!

  1. Congrats, thanks for sharing!👏 This is provides some inspiration, especially coming off the long Summer slump!😔
    How long did it take to accumulate the 4k? I'm convinced that Keywords are 1-A for Merch, followed by the design itself.

  2. Ms. Katie i have been following your channel for years. You are a amazing young lady. Your determination, marketing skills just keep growing. Congratulations all your hard work is paying off. Thanks for being you. Cheers

  3. Hey Katie, I signed for up for merch by amazon but havent been invited yet. I started a tshirt shop for fun. I hire professional artist so really high quality stuff. I dont make any money at it. Seems if i got on amazon i would do better. Any way to speed up the process?

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