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TRY-ON HAUL Autumn 2019 with DressLily | Clothing and Useful Items! + Review | Anyeka Jamal

TRY-ON HAUL Autumn 2019 with DressLily | Clothing and Useful Items! + Review | Anyeka Jamal

hey guys my name is Anyeka Jamal and
welcome to my channel so today we’re doing I’ve got a few items to try on to
show you guys and these items are from a company called dress Lilly I will link
everything that I bought in the description box below with the full link
and everything so if you guys like anything you can go ahead and purchase
it through that I just went on the website the website was really user
friendly I mean it was really easy you just look at some items like how you
normally do and then you purchase them they have some really cool stuff like
yes I am doing a try on haul of clothes but they also have some other things
which I did also get my hands on so I will show you guys we got some other
things that aren’t just clothes and they have some really interesting things on
there and I am so freaking good they’ve got a whole section of wigs and I can’t
believe I didn’t get myself a wig or like some wigs you know I can’t believe
I didn’t do that so maybe next time you know dress Lily feel free to send me
some wigs we can try them out and my subscribers can laugh at me for trying
on loads of random wigs I’ve never actually won a win before but I would
love to know what I look like as a blonde dear you feel me so I do have a
25% discount code for you guys which I will shoot on screen right now you can
just enter that in and get yourself a 25% off any of these products or
whatever you like on the website anyways so I think we should get into the video
these little plastic things like a protects a little thing and it’s not
them little annoying key ones you know I mean like the fiddly sticky ones it’s
just very simple very easy that is amazing
anyways so funny story the reason why I chose this purple dress is because
remember my week in the life a blog if you remember when I went to the lavender
field in Hitchin I wasn’t wearing purple but I had purple eyeshadow and I was
like how do I not have any purple clothes
this is redonkulous so I was like let me try on this dress this is back too so I
figured let me get myself a little purple dress this is cute how that fits
like a glove I was really worried it wasn’t gonna fit properly but it fits so
nicely I got a small you know when you order
things online you’re always like kind of worried that it’s not gonna fit nicely
but damn girl I love it it’s so cute if it’s nicely I like that it’s like lace
and like you know make sure you guys tell me in the comments below what
little item was your favorite it dips at the back a little bit and I’ve actually
got a graduation party to go to tomorrow I feel like this will be nice well let’s
try the other dress on first and then we can make a little decision of what we’re
what I’m wearing tomorrow like this was the first item this for the back looks
like it’s like a V at the back I wanna see it feels so well-made it’s like lace
the color is gorgeous and it falls so nicely I really like
this oh wow so this is what it looks like it’s got a little cool set you type
thing at the back so you can tie in it if you want to if it’s loose or whatever
so I get I’m just gonna this this is a dress a number two I really like the
fitting of them I’m normally like a size eight sometimes I’m a size ten when
they’re being a bit funky but these are got in an S and they fit really nicely
I’m none of them it doesn’t like accentuate my flaps which I really like
this is much longer at the back then it is a friend I sort of wish that it was
all the same length like I wish this was all the same length or like if it’s
gonna be that long like B all the way down there you know what I’m saying but
aside from that I really like here it looks like it looks very mythical
mysterious I don’t know I wish I wear tomorrow I really like this like the
embroidery is so nice so delicate get a close-up oh this is what the back looks
like it makes my hips look nicer then they actually aren’t you know okay so
next item I’ve got is actually an excessively do you call it an accessory
yeah you do call it accessories and bag it’s a waist bag it’s got like a little
buckle here this way it looks like at the back
about and then it’s like a little one and you just twist these open up and
there you go very cute so sure try this one just feeding this through the little
hole putting it through here I mean I think that looks quite nice a little
fanny pack oh that yeah I just like these kind of things you know if you
have if you’re like going London or something and you have like them cards
and they’re really annoying or then you can put like your phone in here and it’s
like easy to get out and put in see babies anything or just like quick
things learn things throw in a lip gloss in there you got me I just like it it’s
really small and I love that just it’s an accessory as opposed to the main
focus the dress is the main focus I like it I’m stuck between this and the purple
actually I don’t know what I’m gonna watch Mauro what do you guys think I
should wear tomorrow I just love how princessy it is so you guys have
actually seen me wear this video this this video no you haven’t seen me wear a
video okay you guys have actually seen me wear this shirt in the my last day as
a student vlog I will this to London my day trip to University my last day as a
student so if you haven’t seen that you should go check that out I will link
that in the description box below this is actually a men’s shirt
it’s sat in and it’s like paint splatters on it and I saw it and I was
like that is so freaking nice and the detail on the rest I just I love it it’s
such a different shirt I’ve never seen anyone wear anything like this before
it’s so different and I love it and it’s like oversized because we
for a man I’ll go and ask but it’s still quite big I mean look where the arms
come but once it’s like tucked in I wore it with jeans high-waisted jeans and I
think it looks really good so yeah how do you recommend this shirt that’s where
I got it from if any of you guys were wondering where I go from after watching
that video so yeah this is – sure so when I say they have different different
items not just clothing I mean it and I had to get some so I could show you guys
so this is one of those things there are brushes in here so we just open up the
lens and there’s brushes in here but it keeps them safe and these are like the
main brushes I use I really have like a little container where I put my brushes
in and they’re like exposed to the whole world this just keeps them safe and
keeps them away from extra dust and dirt and grime and all of that stuff so I
really like it and it’s very portable so if you need to go anywhere if you are
having like a day trip somewhere it’s great I love it absolutely a little bit
I’m a Holy Grail now can you say that about items I don’t know well yeah the
next item I have I haven’t actually used it yeah I will use it with you guys
you’re probably thinking what on earth is this what on earth is this is that
what you’re thinking I feel like that’s what you’re thinking okay okay so
basically I’ve got a cat and she likes to you know would you my call it fire
her nails and what does she use the leather on the sofa that’s what she used
and we recently got brand new sofa which I’ll show you guys
for the next two hours I’ve got to take you downstairs anyway so let’s go it’s
time into a bit of a vlog right now has a nap so my mom usually puts like these
annoying little blankets on the side of the on the side of the sofa there’s no
moment for that but instead we’re going to replace it with this what I mean so
now you can replace it with this and it’s transparent so cool now we don’t
need them horrific towels so I’m gonna put the second one over here so I’m just
gonna place this one here and in the last item I have to show you is actually
in this room this is my dining room welcome I don’t know if I’ve ever logged
in here before actually I think I have been some of the wedding ones but yes
anyways this is the next item now you’re probably thinking that looks like it
belongs on the floor you are absolutely correct if that’s what you thought this
is actually for the floor but we’re using it as a table runner I mean why
not you know I think it looks alright but it is for the floral I mean it’s
specifically for the floor but it works well as a table runner too so that’s
where we’ve used it as so that pretty much completes this video those are all
the items that I got if you are interested any of them then you can use
the discount code that’s flashing on the screen right now and I will link all of
the items that I have mentioned in this video in the description box below and
if you have got this far in the video and you have enjoyed it then make sure
you like this video subscribe if you haven’t already join our little family
we are getting bigger and bigger and I am so excited to see where my channel
goes in the future and don’t forget to share this with all of your family and
friends and yeah I will see you guys in my next video bye

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