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ULTIMATE 100 LAYERS CHALLENGE || 100 Layers Of Hairspray || 100 Coats of Things by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

ULTIMATE 100 LAYERS CHALLENGE || 100 Layers Of Hairspray || 100 Coats of Things by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

Would you ever choose one milkshake over 100 of them? When it comes to our favorite stuff, we say, the bigger the better! Which is why we’re revisiting the 100 layer challenge. Geez what on earth is taking Amy so long? We’re gonna miss the movie! Amy? Uh, five more minutes, no big deal. And that’s what you said fifteen minutes ago. Just face it Justin, waiting for Amy to get ready is like watching a loaf of bread rise in the oven. In other words, it takes for freaking ever! Okay, at this point, we may as well call it a night and order in a pizza. Yep. We’re definitely missing that movie. Uh, yes dear? I’m slapping you with the 100 layer challenge as payback for making us miss the movie. Aw man! I just finished doing my hair! For this challenge, Amy’s hair will get sprayed with 100 layers of hairspray. Hello, layer number one! Check it out — things are getting thicker and thicker. Well Amy, how does it feel to be the one to wait around doing nothing for a change? Okay, are you almost done yet? Man! That hair is looking awful stiff! Think there’s even enough spray left in that can for all that? And what a shame — her hair really does look great today. And we’re almost at 100 layers. With this many layers, you’ll definitely need a quick blow dry. Finally! We’re all done. Woah! Amy, you look like you stuck your finger in an electric socket! See? Told you! And you expect me to go out to dinner and a movie like this?! Oh yeah. We gotta show off your new ‘do for sure. But not before a quick Instagram post… No way, I gotta get outta here! Gah, stupid narrow doorway. I’m just gonna slither out this way… Alright, time go get into the bath and put on my mask. Am I out already? C’mon, there’s nothing left? Oh, hey Amy! Just about to wash off my mask. Why are you looking at me like that? Whatever. I know the perfect way to teach him to never touch my stuff again. Is the coast clear? I’m about to trick Justin into thinking my tanning lotion is actually moisturizing cream! Just a quick label switch and we’re good to go. And now we wait for the magic to happen. But first I gotta leave the scene of the crime! Alright, let’s see here…my skin could use a little lotion. Aw yeah! It’s like it was meant to be! Oh boy. I wouldn’t put that much on if I were you, Justin! It’s time for the 100 layer challenge, baby! I bet Justin would change his tune if he knew he was using tanning lotion not moisturizing cream. Oh man, he’s going to be unrecognizable after this! Geez, all this rubbing is getting pretty tiring. Yikes. Be careful not to get any in your eye, dude! Um, is it safe to put on this many layers of this stuff? I guess we’ll find out soon enough, won’t we? Alright, we’re almost there! But we’ve still got a good twenty layers or so to go. Alright, I think we’re just about done here! I’d wash those hands pretty well if I were you! Ah, that was some good sleep. Maybe something’s wrong with my face mask. Tanning lotion?! Well, looks like someone is calling in sick to work today! Wow! You guys look awesome for that costume party tonight! And Justin’s clearly feeling the force. Yep, these buns look pretty awesome if I do say so myself. There’s just one more thing left to do. Hmm, do you think this is the right color? Oh man, this could be a while. Hey, I know a way to make this costume way more interesting. Chewbacca? Really? I present you with the 100 layer challenge! With all these hair extensions? No! I knew tonight was gonna be awesome. And I was so close to being ready. Well, here goes nothing! Extension number one, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s click this sucker in and get things over with. Justin didn’t say anything about using the same color extensions, did he? If Chewbacca’s hair was anything like Amy’s, he probably needed a lot of time to get ready every morning. Wow! Check out all these interesting hues! Is it just me or are all of these starting to look kind of interesting? Hang in there Amy, you’re almost there! Phew! My hand’s getting tired and I’m running out of places to put all these darn things! Okay, there can’t be that much more, right? Who knew I had this many hair extensions and in so many different styles! Yep, definitely running out of room up here, people! WoW! Check out that full head of extensions! it’s unbelievable! Okay, Justin! I completed the challenge! And I channeled my inner Chewbacca for sure! You sure did! You just need one more thing. Oh, Star Wars fans and their light sabers, am I right? Now let’s party! Hey, Justin! How was your run? I’ve just been sitting here eating cookies. They’re so good. Well, my green juice tastes just as awesome…kind of. Wow, I don’t think Oreos have ever looked this good. Can I snag one? No! You’re on your diet, remember? Ugh, don’t remind me. Well, I guess I’ll just sit here staring at them then. Whatever, no one’s watching. I can just have one, right? Oh, sweet chocolatey goodness! How I’ve missed you! Hey girl, I’m gonna have to call you back. Did you sneak one of my cookies? Yep, that’s definitely a cookie smile. So how would you like to eat 100 of them, huh? Wow, that’s a lot of cookies, you sure you’re up for this, Justin? Wait a second, what are you going to do with the cream? Uh, you know that’s the best part, right? Okay, something tells me there’s a method to this madness. Yep, looks like Justin’s making himself a giant Oreo cream sandwich! Look at him — he’s never concentrated so hard in his life! Where did you learn how to slice and dice those cookies? Aw, look how happy he looks! Keep going! You’re almost there! Make sure they don’t fall! Ladies and gentlemen, behold! The tallest Oreo you’ve ever seen! And lastly, the cookie topper. Yes! I’m so very proud of you! Wait, you know you have to eat that thing, right? How am I supposed to get this whole thing into my mouth? Something tells me I’m gonna have fun trying! Sweet holy cream, that’s delicious!! Hey! Care to share the wealth? Just a tiny little bite, c’mon! Ooh! Looks like it’s spa day at Amy’s house! And today, we’re doing paraffin wax hand treatments! Hey Amy, whatcha up to? Um, what are those things under your eyes? And your hands? What the heck is that stuff? Weird. My finger looks like a candle. You’ve totally interrupted my zen. Well, if you’re just gonna stand there you may as well do the 100 layer challenge! Haha! Gotcha! But my finger! It’ll never be the same after this! You’d better get started while the wax is still warm! Aw man, I was gonna go play basket ball. But I guess a spa day will have to do. We’ll start off with this lotion here. Well, may as well get this thing over with. Yikes that feels warm in the weirdest way. And into the ice I go. This change in temperature is making my head a little dizzy. I’m only a few layers in and my hand’s looking pretty crazy, don’t you think? And you’re far from over, dude! While this is pretty weird, it is somewhat relaxing, I guess. If you like this sort of thing. Man, how much longer do I have to do this? I’m losing count! Okay, you’ve got to be getting close to 100 layers, right? Woah! Is that even your hand? I don’t even recognize it anymore. Okay, we’re finally getting to the final layers — I can’t even fit it in the bowl anymore! And it feels like it weights a thousand pounds! Okay, can I have my spa back now? Hey! Take this thing off! Those are my jewels! No! It’s a part of me now! Please! let me keep it! Gimme! Phew, that was intense. Would you take the 100 year challenge? Check out our behind the scenes clips to see how we attempted these awesome stunts. Be sure to share this video with your friends and subscribe to our 123 Go Challenge YouTube channel for more awesome challenges!

100 thoughts on “ULTIMATE 100 LAYERS CHALLENGE || 100 Layers Of Hairspray || 100 Coats of Things by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

  1. You put 101 exstentions in because she already had 1 in her hair and put 100 more in her hair😌😌😌😌😌

  2. On the hair extensions one there was 101 because they counted the 2nd one as the 1st -.- Like this comment if you saw it to


  3. Who else realize you already had a Heritage Inn in when she said one so she actually had to so she had a hundred and one in her hair like if you notice

  4. When I tried the 100 layers challenge I held my head upside down instead of the traditional way, and it became one giant spike XD

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