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Waiting to Exhale (1/5) Movie CLIP – Bernie Burns John’s Clothes (1995) HD

Waiting to Exhale (1/5) Movie CLIP – Bernie Burns John’s Clothes (1995) HD

This motherfucker is psychotic. I bet you there’s seriaI killers Iess anal. A white woman is probably the onIy one
who’ll tolerate your smug ass! yeah, I was your white woman for 11 years! couldn’t have started that damn company without me! Hell, I worked my ass off. I mean, I got a master’s degree in business… …and there I was his secretary, his office manager and his computer! “No, Bernadine, you can’t start your catering business this year. Why don’t you wait a few years, huh? Yeah, don’t start it right now. Wait one, two, three years… …I need you to be the fucking background to my foreground!” [SOBBING] Seven thirty-two! Seven thirty-two! The number of times we made love! I remember when that bastard told me he was counting! Right after 51! I’ll show you! Fuck me for not leaving your ass then! But the worst, oh, the fucking worst… …making my kids go to a school with only two other black children… …because you don’t want them to be improperly influenced! Well, guess what John you’re the motherfucking improper influence! Get your shit– Get your shit and get out!

100 thoughts on “Waiting to Exhale (1/5) Movie CLIP – Bernie Burns John’s Clothes (1995) HD

  1. Are you sure this movie was made in 1995 and not 1996 I mean Mary J Blige then made the soundtrack and the song I'm not going to cry was made in 1996 how could you put a song that was made in 1996 in a 1995 movie

  2. Angela Bassett should have been the first African American woman to have won the Oscar Halle Berry is weak at best!!!

  3. I love and I mean love how they shot this, scene! The acting, the sound effects!!! Angela Basset! A beast!

  4. What can everyone expect Angela Bassett is the definition to the meaning of hell has no fury like a Woman Scorned

  5. This is one my favorite film of all time and I especially love this scene, more men should watch this movie it'll teach how not to treat a women.

  6. This is legendary and iconic. Wish they kept her strut in this clip. That's what made scene aside from her brilliant acting if course.

  7. I know it's a "comedy" as they said, but this is literally how I'd be when I'm pissed it's almost scary

    you gotta hand it to Angela Bassett for this πŸ‘

  8. this is a very powerful scene. She delivers it so fcking good. You hear the heart break and betrayal in her voice.

  9. Why wouldn't a woman who slogged for her husband and children at home get angry over her unappreciative, insensitive husband who abruptly wants to abandon her for his secretary? I mean she works like a dog day and night and not one single word of appreciation that comes from her husband's mouth.

  10. Whew, black women's experiences weren't shown like this back then, this was such an insight and amazing movie overall

  11. This scene always give me the chills because you feel the pain and hurt in her heart. She should have won a Oscar for this role alone.

  12. This Queen is owed many many Oscar's. OMG she dominates every single role that she plays in. I FELT her in this scene. Man…

  13. Honestly, there is no great lesson to be learned from the constant debate that black men and women have about support at every given opportunity. Just don't consider the dude a realistic candidate as a mate until an investment was made on his part, these heffas do too much too soon. If someone else beats the current dude to the punch, pay attention to him, if he fusses too bad, lol. Men online will tell you that black women are living garbage cans and that feminism ruined everything, but in real life no one can stop you from diverting your attention to where you want. I do it everyday, bare minimums are not acceptable no matter who it triggers on social media. Hell, I got free lunch today because I directed my attention to where it needed to be. Black women can seek comfort and liberate themselves from whenever we are good and ready; that's why I love this clip.

  14. hey,wouldnt this be great movie if we remade it using an all white cast? You know,like they remade steel magnolias using an all black one……wouldnt that be cool?

  15. Best part is when the cop knocks on the door and tells her she can only burn trash in her front yard, and she says "it IS trash"

  16. The scene when Angela bassett's character goes insane after finding cheating husband is leaving her for another woman.

  17. I only down vote because the walk off was cut from this clip. The whole scene was memorable, but that walk off was the dagger that slayed the whole thing.

  18. Damn that moment when you forget this is just a clip on the computer, and you waiting for the next scene

  19. I was at Ft.Benning and I saw this movie 3 times staying in the theater just to see it again. I bought the the sound track and played it until my CD player broke. 17/ 18 years old loving it

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