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Wearing My Parents and Siblings Clothes (FOR A WEEK) Prank / AllAroundAudrey

Wearing My Parents and Siblings Clothes (FOR A WEEK) Prank / AllAroundAudrey

hi guys it's Audrey and today I am going to be wearing my family's outfits for Oh Shh this is actually a prank and I'm not telling anyone I'm doing this video so what I'm going to be doing is every single day of this week I'm gonna be picking out different pieces of everyone's closet and putting a full outfit together so I only apply the sort of in my head I'm gonna be wearing my mom's jeans my dad's shirt my sister's jewelry my brother's shoes and then my brother's hat so I'm in my parents room right now and I think we need to find some of our pieces so first let's find my mom's jeans okay here's the dresser this is my mom's side I think her jeans are in the bottom so whoa oh we have some cute little this is Minnie Mouse Oh Minnie Mouse pants your PJs though so like that won't work this could work there's so many different pairs of jeans like I don't even know like that's a swimming suit I don't know okay I think we're just gonna go with this one I like what white washed jeans anyway so like this is perfect okay now I'm in my parents closet this is my dad's aisle of clothes and belts but I'm gonna try to find a sure of my dad's which shouldn't be hard I mean his choice would probably be oversized because I mean it's my dad's shirts so I could tuck it up or it's high it and I think I have to find like a darker colored shirt since I have lighter jeans so I have lots of options to choose from he has some really like fancy like formal shirts which I really don't feel like wearing today so I think I want to find like a casual t-shirt or something but also have to pair some joy with it so we'll see what I can find okay guys I found this shirt what actually I think this is really cute if it was a girl's shirt but like it's my dad shirt and it's super duper long so I'm definitely going to tie it up it's also a long sleeve shirt so I hope I don't sweat in this but like I don't know let's give it a shot let's try it out all right I'm in my bro's room now this is their closet down below it was ties and up above is Jake's but I'm not wearing their shirts so I need to find some shoes of Jake back and wear and I have no idea where tires hats are so like that's enough well I have a mess there so excuse the mess um but yeah we're going to like do some digging in here because I don't usually go in their closet so like I have no idea where anything is that so wish me luck because like I'm so lost jackpot guys I found some hats let's see okay this is my outfit we have ooh we bought this in France we also have a Cubs and a fly fishing hats look best with this shirt honestly like either this one or this one I think I think we're gonna go with this one this is Ty's news hat so he might recognize it he might not ok guys here is the shoe bin and the shoe rack so I've gotta find jiggetts shoes and these we're just be super hard um so yeah what's let's just start digging alright guys I found my sister's jewelry right here I'm gonna find I think I really loved this one right here and I think you'll go great with the outfit I'm hoping it's a little bit shorter um yeah she has a few options I can choose from there's like this really cool diamond you want so I'm gonna remember this for the rest of the week because I might want to wear her jewelry for other days as well this one is super cute maybe only this one okay I'm picking up my jewelry alright it's time to get motorbiking with my bro I put on my fit so you're looking good he's been begging me ever since after school to go on these motorbike thingies and this is way too small for me but I'm gonna go on anyway so let's go turn it on okay I don't think he knows my mom knows and my mom be right is hi ty hey all right turn on yeah okay let's go yeah what yes yeah okay guys as soon as I walked out in this outfit my mom who's behind the camera totally knew I was wearing everyone else it goes because like these don't work it sounds like a hot wall I don't think ty has any idea this is have you ever wrote this and my thing is ratchet he doesn't even notice his hat on your head but yeah this is this is the look this is day number one okay yeah go catch up to ty what's gone to date number two okay guys date number two Logan's men follow me all this morning takes a dummy beat and this is a my outfit okay so these shoes are my mom's sandals her feet are a little bit bigger than mine so like yeah it's kind of loose these pants are Jordan sweats this is actually ties shirt I'm getting all hairy and it's really tight but I'm super surprised it fits then these are Jake's sunglasses such a cool day I've been this is my dad's Apple watch so I'm wearing all this today and seeing if anyone notices that I'm wearing one of their pieces I have a feeling drink is definitely going to notice her sweat pants though like obviously but you know none of the boys noticed yesterday except for my dad so we'll see Bernie's home from school how was school dirty so got along and you're eating ice cream it was a tough take for you tough day I've got a lot of homework not gonna lie they're starting damn somebody Oh [Applause] how do you like where's your club I never for your clothes yeah you still might know cuz he's lesson behind for me when you move to call and not leave it behind for her not for you yes they're left when I came home from this summer which up oh so now I'm doing the same thing back to Jordan Rudess you to you yeah I kind of got some stain edges from the things I've done today okay but they will be clean tonight but I'm wearing your pants and they're very comfy by the way alright guys it's the end of the day I'm not wearing sunglasses or the shoes but trust me I've been wearing this whole outfit all day long and I've been in quite a few videos in this alpha so you ought to check those out and tell me what videos think we're in the comments but we are gonna play a game before the boys go to bed we're playing drop mix which is one of our favorite games it's so much fun to summer so we taking these cards well we all I think we each have five cards all right yeah and then just take like yeah five cards I don't we've been playing scheme for a while and then like we go taking turns we're going to put a color that matches heat so here's like my cards have to put this on a green one and they have different levels so you can only put like a two on a two or three if you put the same over higher and they make a song using different parts of other songs so everyone here we go it's supposed to be [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] rock-hard take negative okay make sure y'all buy progress I need [Applause] if you guys I see a split-level version of this tell us in the comments so I love this game let's move on to the next day okay guys it's day number three and mom says it looked too much like a boy like a dude so she's making me change out these shorts but oh yeah my guy is here I'll do a little bootie D of whose outfit is whose this hat is my dad's hat makes it an adventure specifically his hat that he wears this MA this sure is my mom's shirt these shorts are Jake's shorts and these are Jordans shoes so I'm gonna try Jacob sweats because the shorts just don't work with the outfit so let's see if that works any better okay I tried on Jake's sweats and oh my gosh they are so sometimes they look better you look so much better but if you're gonna be uncomfortable to the basketball shorts on like I have midgets passage well Jake be able to wear those afterwards so yes good job Dan these are my stretchy yeah dances all right we are out in town doing some shopping for Mother's Day and birthday shopping and I am tired we are like the only ones in this mall you could get there Roland gets really there rub on perfume I love that out guys I look you wanna just buy some sweats here so I don't throw Jake's super tight sweats like nothing is looking away comfy this is definitely more comfy than this just saying Jacob come here why do you notice anything different about me you're wearing pants wait did you know I was wearing your pants kind of you didn't notice till now there looks like your pants to be on and they are not comfy they're so tightly so they might be a little stretched out that good are you today is the next day with a brand new outfit so this is what it looks like so this is Jordans hat this is my dad's shirt this is Ty's accessory which is a dog tag that's like the only joy in your wears these are my mom's pants which are actually really comfy I like the holes and then oh my gosh these are Jacobs shoes look at these monsters and look they're falling apart like dying right now so I'm you're like in public like this I went crazy like I don't think 18 matches like specially the Hat the Hat does not go and the dog tag just confuses you I'm Emily but we ever do some shopping today some grocery shopping so we're gonna go out in the town in public looking like this let's go all right we're at the Dollar Tree honestly I don't know why we are here but daddy needs to get some supplies so I'm just coming to LA cuz I don't have school okay I'm gonna try a new look today listen what boa looks with my outfit ooh stylish colorful music glasses I can't see anything guys to join get the same hat from the dollar store Oh magic I think Jordan got this one the dollar store just kidding she did it but like we're twins just a different slightly different shade okay we are out of the duster belcheck guys seat belt haha heck we are safety safety kids got my outfit on and guys I don't even know why I held a basket because we only got three beans we have candy and a pen so I guess what it started raining kidding me like we've walked in it was all study we came out it's ready so I'm gonna have a hat to protect my hair but like still no bueno okay well we're just we keep going about our day shopping which is probably be pretty boring so I'm not gonna show the rest of it but yeah thanks for coming over let's go on to the next day today's my last day of outfits so this is what I am wearing so this jacket is super tight on me this is Ty's jacket so let me take off this jacket and I'm gonna put it around my waist because like I can't move my arms if it's just on me and it's a little cold outside actually it's like pretty much raining so that's why I wore this long-sleeve shirt which is Jake sure it's actually very cool I like it his good taste no funny thing is though like I picked this outfit my gosh my hair I take this off it out in the morning and Jake didn't notice he hasn't noticed that all about wearing his shirt like are you kidding me he does even know like come on and I'm also wearing Jordan luma leggings and mom's sandals sorry dad you didn't get it part of the outfit today huh how about a notice – I know that would have noticed Jordan started laughing though when she saw me and Jake shirt because she knew well she's like but I'm here at my grandpa's house and I am gonna be gardening today I actually played this card you have to check it out on blogs yeah let's water some plants okay and change water this sprinkle it this is not work this chick is not work okay weird want to go Oh kind of windy outside I don't know if they really need any water so things gonna rain alright guys that is it for this experiment this week I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did give a big thumbs up and tell me in the comments down below what day was your favorite of my outfits I gotta say it was very interesting to try other people's clothes on and wear for a whole day like that was the wave I cover so I'm really weird but it was kind of fun so also if you have not subscribed yet I remember subscribe and hit the bowel notifications so you're notified every time I post any video I'll see you guys next time bye

28 thoughts on “Wearing My Parents and Siblings Clothes (FOR A WEEK) Prank / AllAroundAudrey

  1. This was fun to see the reaction of my family when they found out I was wearing their clothes!
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