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Wedding VEIL problem ! Elsa and Anna toddlers – beautiful gown – dress up mess

Wedding VEIL problem ! Elsa and Anna toddlers - beautiful gown - dress up mess

Wow so long and elfs are still sleeping and we get to wake her up wedding day come on come on come on wake up wake up mommy come on today there you why there's nothing special going on today let me sleep married I totally forgot about that I can't wait I'm so excited to put on my wedding oh my blanket can you pick it up sweetie okay I'll put it right on the bed I can't wait there's so many things to do I need to get ready here your slippers oh thank you sweetie oh and here's the other one you must be so excited yeah oops the bed cover smell again lips congratulations sis because you're getting married today oh thank you I'm so excited and guess what I got these flowers for you your favorite colors oh they're so pretty and they smell good too thank you so much Anna you're welcome hey I know I just woke up and I'm a little bit sleepy but am I saying this right else yeah you're wearing Anya's dress aren't you yeah I think I must have looked in the wrong closet yeah now you kind of look like me think that's so funny to onions yeah we are too honey as we are to Alana's but you will put different dresses for the wedding so don't worry okay I'm just gonna do my makeup first and then put my dress that sounds like a good plan and I'll get your breakfast oh thank you no problem here my sister I'm gonna brush my hair brush my hair I have a nice style I have in mind to do for the wedding need a brush it brush brush brush whoa look look at mine mommy's wedding dress it's so pretty yeah I agree a sparkly silver I mean golden shiny is it whoa hey do you want to pretend that – we're getting married yes let's get the veil from up here mommy's not looking put it put it put it now I'm gonna be the bride I'm getting married on ya you look so funny I'm getting married you look so funny Anya yep I'm the bride I'm the bride turn around turn around won't with fell down whoa what a veil I want to put it back on this that this veil is very silly yeah put it on oh it's so sparkly and white at the back oh no wait the veil was just plain sparkly white hmm I have an idea I saw mom mommy she has a purple marker in this room we we can surprise her by by coloring this veil sparkly purple yeah great idea whoo I got the purple marker okay now let's make it not plain add some purple mm-hmm it looks so cool to me sparkly purple who wouldn't love that color the whole Vale in purple because it looks very very nice like that Wow it all really looks better yeah I know I think I'm gonna draw heart over here there we go a nice heart color it is and in the star and finish this star it looks perfect else yeah I don't think that's such a good idea well how do we get it off now hmm I know waking you some scissors to cut the part off oh yeah great idea I'll go get the scissors let's cut right that part is off there we go a little bit more cutting this part off and cut oops when you just cut the rest off and cut there we go you need to cut some holes and another one there's some more on this side we need a kind of big hole there we go just a little bit more and cut there we go we're all finished and now it's nice and good but I think it's kind of short I'm not sure if mom mommy will like this veil um actually Anya I think it's all messed up and now we just made it look worse and what with all these cuts just look at all of them and it's our moms what is she gonna say you're right we can't let her see this alright let's hide down there her dress okay well put them under okay there we go and now failing your hair let me get it out wow so the dress is falling over all under her dress there there we go hey wait I think we should hide under her her dress – really are you so silly yes yeah but yeah we have to hide okay okay they down there get under okay yeah I hope she didn't see us stop you're freezing my face I'm sorry oh you it smells yucky oh I can't were to squish dear I'm so excited for my wedding day my hairstyle looks so nice don't you think pushing my chair here's my bouquet let me get it okay and off to put on my wedding dress hmm I see the little rabbit feet here tickle tickle tickle somebody's in there who is it not one but two little girls here you're just hiding under my dress right yeah we are let me just get this off the hood what what is this oh it's Oh what is that I think it's just some paper yeah I got my video oh why would you ever think that what's behind you let me see girdles you've ruined my veil there's no time to buy another one girls what did you do I thought this was a dream I can't believe this is actually my veil I thought it was just some other clothes bubble wait – we can fix it yeah let's just put it together try to stick the pieces no no wait wait we can fix it don't worry don't worry don't worry yes what there's no time we're friends for glue and tape yeah girls what did you do this is one of the most important days in my life and I think you ruined it because I now have no veil we just thought it was all plain white and sparkly and we fought when you wouldn't make it purple ink on the ugly part all girls are supposed to be white not colourful oh I'm so sorry mommy I feel so bad for you how can I fix this I do not have to do anything there's nothing else to do now I'm so sorry mommy I didn't mean to upset you I think I have to put my wedding for another day now sorry – Elsa the wedding is canceled the breakfast is ready so ready for a breakfast um what's going on here Oh mommy I'm sorry Mia knows me and us yup kind of ripped her veil but I'm sure we can put it out together is this the veil yes Geraldo sorry you ruined her way now she has no veil that's what I told them to and I I'm so sad now because I won't have my wedding day anymore I understand how you feel huh I have an idea wait here one second be right back sis it's over forget it stop wasting your time is over I just handed in my closet this whole time and it's even longer I love it it's so long thank you so much we think you're welcome we're sorry mommy yeah we're sorry it's okay you just tried to help but I'm I'm just too excited that I still have a veil excited to welcome on outside you better hurry to eat breakfast and get dressed oh yes let's go visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

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