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What I Wore ~ Dressing Up Denim ~ Ep. 37

What I Wore ~ Dressing Up Denim ~ Ep. 37

[Music] Welcome to The Dress Up Mom! [Music] Thank you for tuning in to my What I Wore
series, where I show you some of the looks that I pulled together using vintage and resale
clothes and accessories, I really hope you like them. I recently picked up this unbelievable linen
jacket that is dyed Indigo and it’s made in Japan. I picked it up on the ReLove Instagram feed. ReLove is up in San Francisco, one of my favorite
resale and vintage shops, they get the best stuff. I’m wearing it as a jacket today, but you
can also button it up and have it be sort of a like a long top, which I’m sure you’ll
see me do in other things. But I think it’s just so cool and feels
great on. I just have a nice, simple Kit & Ace tank
with it, to show a little skin today. This is my belt from Artemis Designs that
I love too, made out of Turkish rugs, old ones. And then these pants are super special too
because they were gifted to me by a friend, they used to be her dad’s and they’re
old vintage Levi’s, the 501s, my favorite pant ever. I ended up fraying them myself and bleaching
them a little bit to lighten it up and I think they’re really super fun and cool. These are my Doc Martens that I got also vintage
and resale. I picked those up at Dandelion Vintage in
Champaign, Illinois and they’re just super great, love them. Finally, I have this little bag that I love,
this little Freda bag that I actually bought in Tijuana a while back. It’s just kind of fun. I can fit my stuff in this. So, we are going to go out and have a little
bit of fun tonight and I love my little casual look here. Today I have on my leather jacket that I bought
on my honeymoon like 33 years ago in Milan which I absolutely love. This is a Poochi little mini skirt that I
have, a Kit & Ace top and then these are Frye over the knee boots. I’m just kind of pulling it all together
like this. We are out and just kind of stopped and decided
to show you what I am wearing tonight. Today I’m running some errands and I have
on this really fun sweatshirt that I love. First off, the sweatshirt is super cozy and
comfortable and soft. It has just the right about of oversize to
it and look at this lovely moon. So, I got this sweatshirt in San Francisco
at the Embarcadero area from a street vendor. The artist that did it, he told me he was
inspired by the moon and he absolutely wanted me to have this and he was right, I was looking
at other things. Love this sweatshirt, loved him and I kind
of feel a little bit of him while I’m wearing this. He had such a great vibe to him, so love it. These are some old vintage Levi’s 501s that
were gifted to me. And then giving a little pop of glam with
my Sven gold halter clogs. These are just so fun because they’re almost
like a little bootie for this time of year and I think they add just some fun, fun, fun. So, I’m going to be comfy, yet hopefully
a little stylish doing my errands today. I finally found a Christmas sweater that I
like. I know it’s called the ugly Christmas sweater,
but I don’t want it to be ugly, I wanted it to be pretty and I love this one. I found it at St. Peter’s Thrift, they were
having a holiday boutique. It’s vintage and old, but in great shape. All of the little jewels and things on it
are in perfect shape. It’s wool, it’s angora, a little bit of
cashmere and a little bit of rabbit. I think it’s really cute. A little bit cropped which is kind of in now. And then I just have it with my Levi’s that
I bought in Ireland at Harlequin Vintage. I frayed them myself. And these are Chelsea boots that I got at
a men’s consignment resale shop in La Jolla, called Le Chauvinist. So, they’re men’s ones that I think look
great and I’m going to have a lot of holiday fun in this cool new sweater. I picked up this gorgeous knit top from a
place in Hollywood called Star Day Vintage and I absolutely adore it. It was in the men’s section and the lady
told me that she had not seen a men’s one ever before. It’s knit and to me it’s looks a little
Missoni like. It’s from the 60s, I believe she told me,
and I just feel very cozy and cool in it. I have it paired with this leopard or this
animal print belt which my husband’s aunt gave me, and this is also from the 60s, it’s
this gorgeous suede. And now remember I think that animal print
is neutral, so I’m taking this belt as a neutral even though this is print on print,
but I think it works. So, these are Mother denim jeans that are
channeling more of a 70s vibe and I’ve had them forever and absolutely adore them. Then I have them topped off with my gold Sven
clogs that are these halter top clogs and I think that kind of makes it super fun. It’s also a little bit cold, so let me show
you what I’m going to be wearing as we’re kind of going in and out of where we’re
going. I have my green Coach bag that I got at the
Coach outlet mall and I think it kind of also goes with this era. But please check out this vintage cape. It is from Scotland and I think it’s just
fantastic. I got this in Julienne at a Vintage shop,
it is wool. Look at these buttons they’re just so special
and lovely. It’s beautifully lined and old and I also
love it. And again, a little bit of print on print,
but I think the color scheme looks fine with this and most of the time I’ll have it closed
up. But I love bringing this out. It’s rarely cold enough here in San Diego
for me to wear it, so I love the days that I can, and I’ll be heading out in this tonight. That’s it for this week. Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate
it. I would love to know your comments on the
outfits, what you liked, what you maybe didn’t like, what you’re loving to wear right now
too. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little.

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