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What To Wear l Men’s Fashion Style Clothing l 2019 l Outfit Ideas

What To Wear l Men’s Fashion Style Clothing l 2019 l Outfit Ideas

90% of my wardrobe is made out of blazers
and shirts so in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to wear a blazer if you
want to dress smart then you need to get a blazer a blazer shouldn’t be missing
out of your wardrobe and the reason I’m saying that is because first of all it
sends a powerful message second keep your mind that not many guys have the
guts to actually pull up later at the same time you can wear it in different
venues different locations where you have a dinner when you have a meeting
with the boss when you’re just going to work or when you’re having a walk in the
park you can wear it in any situation you’re given whether it’s a bit more
casual or elegant it depends on how you want to wear it but at the same time
keep in mind that not a lot of guys actually have the guts to pull a blazer
on and it sends a powerful message of confident message and tell us a lot
about you shows the people that first of all you know how to dress you respect
your image and you demand respect every single time I go around wedding a place
I can feel people noticing me and I can feel a lot of people getting a bit tense
especially my boss for example like he’s sensing the fact that I’m somehow
demanding respect so these are the top reasons why you should wear a blazer
first first of all let’s talk about some basic rules of wearing a blazer and how
to actually look more cool every single time you want to button up your place
and make sure you don’t actually look after the button I mean you know it’s
over here you know you know your blazer so when you just want to button it up
don’t look down you know because not to say that this is bad when you look way
more cooler if you just button it while you’re walking and maintaining eye
contact with the rest of the people out there now the second rule whatever you
want to sit you need to unbutton this it just looks more elegant than you’re a
bit loosened up you know you’re not so tight if you’re
not so tense so usually every single time you sit down having a coffee or
maybe on the bench were sitting that was someone on a couch you wanna unbutton it
first then you sit down it’s just way more elegant no place I can go very well
with jeans but we need to keep in mind is that places go very well with
dark-colored jeans not with the light one and at the same time you can win it
very easily with different type of pants now let’s talk about accessories a
blazer is very easy to accessorize you have moved here the pocket square
usually the pocket square should be matching either your tie your bow tie
your in some cases he can actually match your
pants and if you want to exaggerate and go a bit crazy but you need to know what
you’re doing it can actually match your shoes I actually saw a guy pulling this
off I’m gonna try it myself though now I look cool like this but what happens if
I do this haha the magic of excess oil is now guys don’t forget to accessorize
as well a cool pair of shades can totally change your look and look at
this you just add some nice elegant gloves these are from Zara especially if
you’re for example or chauffeur you’re driving a car but you just want to have
an extra taste of fashion you could always add these gloves you know and you
can always add an elegant watch that will definitely make your outfit stand
up and there is another rule I have for you if you wanna wear a blazer with a
t-shirt let’s just say don’t forget that when you want a t-shirt you have a big
opening over here because now you’re out wearing your shirt so we’re gonna have a
tie so instead of the shirt and tie you’re wearing a t-shirt you can easily
add a necklace that will pump up and boost your image so so hard so I highly
recommend winning that necklace because you are just losing value if you choose
not to when you’re choosing the jeans you want to work with the place and keep
in mind that these ones should be slim fit you don’t want to wear a regular you
guys usually the Blazer the jacket is made in a way that will you know shape
your body they usually slim fit so you want to put
some slim fit jeans by the way slim fit that will shape your legs beautifully I
don’t want you to watch stretchy jeans because that’s totally gonna ruin the
aspect if the stretch jeans are mostly like leggings that is a bit gay not that
I have a problem with but I don’t think you want to send a signal where I’m
highly recommended choose a pair of slim jeans and by the way if you want to
match things very easily and you don’t have a lot of knowledge will choose all
the time to wear black jeans black sitting jeans choosing black you can
actually combine all sorts of different colors of places you don’t need to have
a lot of knowledge in one sense and what goes well with what now if you want to
have a more serious respectful and tense kind of look for the business and
probably a business meeting or things like that you’re gonna go with the place
button over here if you want to be a bit more in
a bit more chilly and you want to just send a signal that you know you’re
you’ll have a casual night out or at dinner or something like that you can
always unbutton you just walk like this now for a casual dinner
I wouldn’t recommend you go with a tie I would recommend you just change a shirt
I would wear a black shirt for example and a bit loosen up usually when you
have business meetings or you know some serious things and you want to send some
serious message you’re all tighten up button with the tie and everything on
point when you want to be a bit more fun and a bit more loosen up you usually you
know unbutton your shirt with you what it’s a bit more casual a bit more you
know relaxed so guys thank you very much for watching
if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe is all be posting every
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look in the description below I have links some nice clothes for you that you
are definitely interested in and see you next time have a nice day gentlemen

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