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Which Skinny Jeans to Buy | Frame Denim and Banana Republic Jeans Review

Which Skinny Jeans to Buy | Frame Denim and Banana Republic Jeans Review

[GUITAR CORD] Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the channel. I am Brittany, creator
of the style shaker, and I am back with
a product review. This time, it is all
about skinny jeans. I really, really am
enjoying this coffee today. Mm, mm, buying jeans– not easy. Actually, really not easy. Not always very fun. Its just kind of a pain
in the butt for everybody. And I didn’t want to
use the word “butt,” but I’m trying to watch myself. So I said “butt,” but I
think you know what I really wanted to say. It starts with an A. I went on a huge tangent. Buying jeans is
really hard if you are looking for skinny jeans. These are the
distressed skinny jeans that I am wearing all the time. I have tried probably hundreds
of different types of jeans, and I know I am not
alone in that because I’m guessing you’ve done it too. Because I’m always looking for
a great pair of skinny jeans. I hate when jeans
cut in at your waist, and I hate when things
bell out and at the knees. I can’t stand when fabric gets
kind of loosey goosey there or it just gets loose
in places it shouldn’t. One of the tips I say is if
there is a Spandex or a kind of poly blend in there–
it’s usually Spandex– it needs to be at a 2% or over. Every product page out there
should list this information. Please look for, I
think, a 2% or above. So my first favorite pair–
and I mean these are fav, fav, favorites– are from Banana Bub– “Bub-bublic.” That’s their new name– get to know it. “Bub-bublic.” The Banana Republic
skinny ankle jeans. And they have these holes
along the leg, stitching. When I first looked at
this, I’m like, what? So you buy a holly
pair of jeans, but they have actual patches
built in, which I kind of love. It’s kind of great. I don’t know why. It’s just kind of great. I love it. And then the frayed ankle
is going on there too. It hits right above the
ankle, and I usually wear it with an ankle straps
sandal, a stacked heel mule, flats. I wear these all the time. Actually I will come home–
and my friend made fun of me. We were talking
about what you do. She goes, I go home and then
I put on a pair of sweat pants and she’s like, and I’m done. I like sweat pants. I have a gray pair
of sweat pants. I like yoga pants. But I said, oh, I go home and
if I don’t wear jeans that day– if I’m wearing a
skirt or a dress– I’ll come home and immediately
put on a pair of jeans. And I’m like, wha, yeah. She thought I was insane. She’s like, how can you
relax in a pair of jeans? I said, well, my
jeans are comfortable. So I was referring to these
Banana Republic jeans. It’s a medium wash. I can wear denim to work,
so that’s kind of great. These are always on sale. They don’t have this
exact cut right now. But life goes on. You can still get
their ankle skinny, and you can get distressed
or not distressed. I have tried their
higher price point– I forget what’s it called. It’s like 360 stretch. I didn’t like it. These are going to
run you about $70. And if they’re on sale
or if you get points, you can also knock that
price down a little bit. It’s not too crazy
of an investment. I actually think I got
these for way less. I think it was
friends and family. They have held up three years. So this is the lower
end price point spectrum for my favorite skinny jeans. They are so soft. And even when I got them they
were really soft and comfy. I love them. I should have bought five. That’s when I know I’d
really love something and I wear it all the time. I should have bought five. I bought a size up because I
wanted them to be comfortable, but they are true size. So huge fan. Of all people, I just never
looked to Banana Republic for denim. And I was just as
surprised as you are. Go figure. Another type of jean that
I love is on the higher end of the price point spectrum. And it is from a brand
called FRAME denim. If you haven’t heard of
them, check them out. This is the le
skinny de jean end– le skinny. There’s a lighter wash. It has a little bit
of whisk right here, which I tend to shy away from. I’m not a fan of
it, but it’s OK. It is going to accentuate kind
of curves, which I don’t mind. And it has distressed
knees as well. And these are open holes. These are like for real holes. And then I like how this side
has just sort of like a tear, like someone keyed
it but not really. You can’t key jeans. You know what I mean. I cuff them at the
bottom just a little bit because I don’t like
skinny jeans that are too long down at the ankle. My hour glass proportion
goes too long. It makes my hips look
wider and not in a way that I personally like. That’s what I have
learned from skinny jeans. Sometimes and more
often than not you will see me cuffing them. Don’t freak out. These are normally over $200. Your like, what? For jeans? Yeah, “fash” on. I had to find them
on sale, and I did. And I got them for under $100. So technically I got them for a
very similar price with Banana since there was a
huge sale at Intermix. I do not shop sales
at Intermix online because they’re a final sale. And that drives
me insane, crazy. I just did it– sale work. I don’t give them away. Whatever. So they have 2% elastane,
which is that 2% rule. But they also have 5%
polyester I just say “poly.” I don’t know why I abbrev. I abbrev because it’s “adorbs.” May I never be that person. Sorry, whoever that person is. It’s so not good– not a good look for me. They have 5% poly, and
the rest of it’s cotton. This is the miramonte color. I love it. I wash these inside out. They’re so comfortable
at my waist. The cotton is incredibly soft. If you can find them on sale,
they are really worth a try. Don’t do what I did. Don’t go crazy just buy
them as a final sale option I think unless you’re
down with that. In which case,
welcome to my world. You can find them on sale,
just said sale, or it’s go online, shop around. I have some favorite places. I think there’s a huge set
going on at Shopup right now. They might be final sale though. They’ll– bleh– might
be final sale there. But there are sales
on these jeans quite often, so keep an eye out. They do come without the
distressing at the knee. I really love them. They are tighter than the
Banana Republic– suction on. So I will wear them with
a loser blouse on top. I’ll wear them with a sweater
on top, v-neck t-shirt for the weekends
with flippy flops. Usually I wear
these with a heal. It just helps to elongate. I don’t like to
wearing super skinny jeans on my frame with flats. I don’t need to
wear a 4″ inch heel. Huh-uh, that’s all
I’m going to say. I always wear a little bit of
a heal– just a little bit. That’s just how I roll–
selling advice and shopping advice all in one. Oh my god. Well, those are my two
favorite skinny jeans, and I wear these all the time. If you have a favorite
brand of skinny jeans that you’re in love with
and that I need to try, please let me know. Because I will try a couple
more out, and I will share what I think with the rest
of community here. So you’re helping not only
you, but you’re helping me, and you’re helping in the
world all with your skinny Jean recommendations. Do you see how I did that? She’s like, wow. Thank you so much for watching. Give this video a
thumbs up if you want to see more
reviews like this or if you want to see
more denim reviews. If you have any questions,
just let me know below. And if you want to see behind
the scenes stuff happening over here, you can always find me
on Instagram @thestyleshaker– follow me there. That’s my jean
download for the day. Go out there, try some jeans on,
and don’t freak out about it. P.S. if you are trying jeans
on but you don’t like shopping in store like myself, what
I recommend you do is take a credit card and– I don’t know why I just
went into a Boston accent. I love that accent. Get your credit card at the
beginning of a billing cycle– this is how I shop online. So I will buy multiple sizes,
and you freak out a little bit because you’re going that’s a
lot of money to put on my card. Buy multiple sizes. It will save you time. Also, I do free shipping and
free return shipping everywhere I go. Make your home
your fitting room. As soon as you get this
stuff, try it on, box it up, and ship it out if
you don’t like it. It will all even out
on your statement. You just got to get
that timing right. That’s Another little
side tip for shopping. Good luck. If you find something,
let me know. I will see you guys back
on the channel soon. Until then, bye.

3 thoughts on “Which Skinny Jeans to Buy | Frame Denim and Banana Republic Jeans Review

  1. Love frame jeans. I bought a crop flare style pair recently, on sale of course. They are on the pricey side, your right, but I was lucky like you and got a good deal. They fit great, have a really cool 70's vibe that I love and can be dressed up or down. Rag and Bone have great styles too. Love your video!!! 😊

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