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Why YOU should check out SECONDHAND CLOTHING STORES in Vietnam | Try on haul

Why YOU should check out SECONDHAND CLOTHING STORES in Vietnam | Try on haul

[Music] hello there welcome back to my channel awkward intro so in today’s video I was like to show you guys the things I bought secondhand in Vietnam at first I thought that I wouldn’t be able to find that many pieces of clothing in Vietnam there are secondhand but then I thought again that we do sell a lot of second-hand clothes and it actually never occurred to me before until I was researching for shops and places that were selling Saguna clothes and I was really surprised to find so many nice shops that we’ll definitely link down below and at the end of the video I’m gonna show you their instagrams here all my videos regarding thrifting or second-hand clothes I’m gonna have some of my so I can have pieces that I found as my background just compute the first piece I bought when I came back to Vietnam from the two public well it’s actually this cute dress I bought it from the store called the quasi money I think it’s actually one of my favorite secondhand online stores probably my favorite and the prices there are really good compared to the other places so this dress if you look closely it has Alice in Wonderland details I just thought that a small lace and ruffles here were really cute and especially the color since I actually don’t know that many pink clothes I thought I could go for a change and it turned out that I really like this dress at the back as you can see it’s elastic so even if I gained a bit of weight or lose a bit of weight I would still be able to fit in this dress just thought this dress would be really cute on any occasion if you go out on a date if you go into school and go out with your friends to a coffee shop it will all be suitable you can wear it like this or even wear a t-shirt underneath it might want bought this dress for 160 thousand get them don’t I think if I’m incorrect I will write the price here overall I’m really happy that I actually bought this dress not that many people then I know like it so for me it’s a ten out of ten [Music] [Music] so Oh No no my money yeah but you know so I just had an episode of sneezing my mom just came came in she hated this dress my sister hates this dress everyone hates this dress so I’m just gonna be brief about it I was not sure if I wanted to buy it I realized that every now and then I just came back to check if it was sold yet and you know at one point I was just like okay if it’s not solved maybe it’s destiny so I bought it and I kind of liked it but then not likes it maybe it’s just the way I wear it I don’t have enough accessories since it is probably being Lolita dress apparently I look like a maid someone please comment me do I look like the maid I like this dress I like the idea of it I like these details at the bottom the hand and how its body tight at the top kind of especially here it was really hard to get my hand in and then it could be puffy at the bottom if I just put the other addresses so this one I also bought at the shop Ozzy might it was 190,000 Vietnam dong the owner there is super nice the clothes there are really nice they have really really reasonable prices way better than most of the second-hand stores that I found so if you’re in Vietnam if you’re gonna B’s or whatever reason you’re here or nearby make sure to check out this store because they they have really nice stuff they don’t post that often though so and this is definitely not sponsor of all the shelves I show here today are not sponsoring because who would sponsor me vintage boutique his name of the next door I went to I actually physically went to that store because it had everything until 450-thousand um don’t so I wanted to try it out obviously I had to wait for my best friend to come for one hour but that’s a story for another time so since I was there for one hour and even longer I had a lot of time to look around the clothes there see what I could actually buy you know even though it was 50,000 Vietnam dog it was quite cheap I don’t want to just waste money you know you actually have to buy something that’s worth the money and that you actually wear that’s what minimalism and simplicity is actually about and going eco-friendly and being sustainable and you actually only buy the things you need I bought this shirt because I was looking for a shirt I needed one I have only one and I thought I could find one that I could wear the dresses and that I could also wear normally somewhere else with a pencil skirt or just a skirt like a detail dominate this ruffle part the buttons are actually kind of goldish and white and it’s comfortable it’s actually my size it’s not too big or too small so I think 450-thousand Don it was a really good choice the next item I bought at a store are these pair of shorts skirt both scored this is a skirt and we are shorts I really like the color of this okay let’s call it the start I really like the color of this skirt and I like this detail like it’s just I’ve never seen this kind of skirt and you know there are just so many squares are similar these days so I wanted something different and that’s why I actually paired these two together or this video but obviously if I’m gonna go out I don’t think I’m gonna wear these two things together as I said I might wear a tight pencil skirt with this top and with a skirt I think a more simple shirt with be fine this dress is awful I know also I didn’t expect it to be this short because the shop vintage boutique where I also bought this for $50,000 they didn’t have a place to try this stuff there and I thought yeah this would fit me so yes it did it does but it is quite short is it a bit I think it’s kind of like the babydoll dress not sure but the reason I bought this dress was because I wanted to modify it into a different dress looking online at dresses and I thought this dress that I wanted to make there to buy but it was quite expensive and you know I told myself second-hand clothes so I found this dress and I thought I could really want to fight I could cut this part to make it short like this I could make a belt or just I could wear a belt so it’s tire like this and then it goes out if you don’t wanna mean and then I get so these parts to make it look like to make it look puffier like it’s that’s what I think is actually nice about shopping that you could really easily modify your things and when you go up chopping second hand you could always go a size up or down because you don’t know how you can actually change it and it’s actually cheaper than buying new clothes or buying a new fabric so but what do you think about this this on its own I would give it like I don’t know I don’t see myself right now but I’m guessing before a 5 out of 10 I hope when I modify it it will look nicer but we’ll see maybe I’ll even do a video about it [Music] look who just went down it’s this bad boy right here this is the final piece that I bought til now I’m like I’m here for another month so who knows what else I’ll buy I mean I could have proud of myself only three months here and I bought like six pieces of clothing which is actually like two per month so okay never mind dress could actually be called a rebound for this jumpsuit that I really loved and I bought this one secondhand as well for 150 crowns in German Republic and then it got ripped when I was climbing the mountain because obviously I had to wear this tight jumpsuit to climb a mountain so it could rip here here and then like it ripped all the way up on both sides and my mom was like you really need you through this way you can’t use it for anything so I’m like yeah yes I was still trying to hold on to it I actually sue it once already but it ripped again right next to the place where it’s suet so I bought this dress at Zano vintage it cost me 165,000 denim doll which i think is quite reasonable but if this wasn’t frog I would probably get it under 100 pounds I really like the color I don’t think I have any blue in my closet especially this light blue and it’s super comfortable like I just pull this down to take it off and just pull it up to put it on think I will wear this way often because when you look in your closet I think most of us just want to take the most comfortable thing and something that you can put on and take off easily so this is actually it and this is the last thing I bought and there are so many other second-hand shops that I want you to know for you to check out and I’ll put them here because however I had to really choose what I really liked and really wanted and needed to buy lots of that weren’t in my style but I know that they are some of yours and I still follow them because they’re just nice and you can always get inspiration even from second-hand clothes especially since there’s just one of it the end this okay so I hope you liked this video and the clothes I bought I hope maybe you got some inspiration sir could make sup those or find something similar please comment down bellow about the second dress I really don’t know what to do about it I really like it I think I’ll try to wear it outside once in Prague and like winter or fall to see how I feel and if I like you then I’ll just keep it oh you understand why such in this video about consuming less and bikes again clothes this video is so many things combined for me shopping which is something I enjoy it’s about second-hand shopping which is something that I’m trying to raise awareness about something that I’m trying to spread to my family to my friends I know I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t want you to see these kind of videos and such and then just go buy some clothes right away or go to a secondhand shop right away because you see people doing that I hope that people realize how important protecting our environment is how important being sustainable is and that they will they will realize on their own that they should consume less and change to alternatives such as bicycle clothes like in this video remember if one person can do something then all of us can do Thanks thank you for watching [Music] you

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