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WINTER OUTFIT IDEAS I ootw lookbook 2018 BOOHOO I Rose Kimberly

WINTER OUTFIT IDEAS I ootw lookbook 2018 BOOHOO I Rose Kimberly

hey everyone I partnered up the green Moo to show you some pointers holiday looks I worked really hard on this video and I would love if you give it a thumbs up or like if you enjoy it let's begin until interesting open your eyes and take my hand just on the shiny one legatus like it or not open your eyes yours get it done take my hand just follow me show me i won let me know down below which outfit is your favorite everything I'm wearing is from movie and movie link in the description box down below love you so much and see you in my next video take me to a different place just the two of us so we can stay up on you sit under streetlights do you want to don't really need to Singapore night everything is alright I want to be

29 thoughts on “WINTER OUTFIT IDEAS I ootw lookbook 2018 BOOHOO I Rose Kimberly

  1. What do you think? Do you want more lookbooks / outfit ideas??? Use ROSEKIMBERLY for 55% off your entire order on BOOHOO

  2. Yesss honey!!! I love the red dress and the New year's eve outfit, the green pants and the plaid skirt. Looking good 🌹!!!

  3. Yessss lookbooks are back! Please more loobooks Rose! I loved the Holiday 2-piece holiday set look & the winter green look and ofc that red dress, woow!

  4. Woot woot 😆, so happy for you Rose. You look beautiful, my favs were the red dress, the New Year's bodysuit I believe, the plaid skirt and red skirt, great pieces, lol. I love the dressy heels too. Blessings 💜💕💜💕

  5. I am loving the constant vids. Got my cravings filled ❤️. We are in summer now but this is great for 2019 winter reference 💜.

  6. Goooo Offffffff 🌹…. Loved this video and your looks are Amazing 😉 and I have the dress but in the green I wore it to a wedding and got so many compliments on it. Beautiful as always 😊

  7. Ok Rose I see you with the fashion statements! Favorite look is the plaid skirt and black turtleneck. Hope you had a great Tuesday and have a great Thanksgiving!

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