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Women Try Zendaya’s Size-Inclusive Clothing Line

Women Try Zendaya’s Size-Inclusive Clothing Line

32 thoughts on “Women Try Zendaya’s Size-Inclusive Clothing Line

  1. Idk if this happened to anyone else: but the add for this video was about an app that you use to photoshop people, specifically their bodies to “look better.” This completely defeats the idea of the video I clicked on in the first place.

  2. Only from XS-XXL?! What about super petite women/girls? My cousin is super small in every possible Way and i always search for xs, s or m. But my cousin searches for xxs and xs.

  3. Why are people hating???? Talking about feminism and stuff and about height and whatever. I think zendaya is a queen and she slays. I think her clothes are amazing and how she thought of other people’s sizes and stuff i truly love her ❤️👸🏼

  4. When I saw the comments about the "feminist" quote, and saw Lara come up, I knew she was gonna be the one to say it lmao

  5. I love when brands make a large selection of clothing sizes and I understand the struggle of finding plus sized clothes but many clothing sizes only go from Xs-whatever I am smaller than and extra small and sometimes it sucks when I don’t fit in even the smallest item

  6. "I'm gonna put on some heels and be comfortable all day"

    Oh hunny I wish

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