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Yellow Jacket Nagadanel, URELEASED MOVES & More! Pokemon ultraLOCKE EP7 | Austin John Plays

Yellow Jacket Nagadanel, URELEASED MOVES & More! Pokemon ultraLOCKE EP7 | Austin John Plays

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world filly beats you here and I’m Austin John you already knew that
because the red icon and welcome back to the ultra lock number seven seeit day
seven we just finished our trial we are doing a giveaway for pokeball 2d SXL
real quick intro because we want some encounters we just finished our trial
and it’s about time first step you bet yeah we’re just gonna
talk and a shiny knit arena is that shiny yeah that’s not shiny yeah I got a
star I didn’t see it that looks that’s a shiny yeah normally
it’s like blue colored right you sure yeah why am I not like it like in shock
cos that’s the shiny that’s totally shiny it’s not shiny yeah
what wow it doesn’t look that good for shiny no it doesn’t it’s actually a
terrible shiny Karnas discharge I’m gonna evolves granite it’s gonna look
really cool yeah shiny knit Arina catch you know love ball cuz it’s pink nice
wait what I couldn’t run it’s gonna use ion Doge what’s I undo JH I don’t know
all I know is I caught the shining NIT arena I almost caught it I mean guys
like how’s that first minute of the video we have a shiny shiny bug screen
right why you waste your time with the shiny I’m gonna go for coal pokemons you’re not allowed to catch it you’re
not allowed to catch it cuz I caught poi ball that is a rule feel trimmer oh look
at it it’s a hole it’s it’s a it’s a it’s not dark it’s a wasp it’s yellow
jacket yellow jacket yellow jacket naginata Danelle oh it’s like well I
have to kill it I’m gonna kill it I mean I can’t catch your killer what score enforcer what the Pokemon if
the Pokemon has user has afflicted damage and already has user moves this
move eliminates the effect of the targets a bit what what kind of move is
this if the Pokemon that if the Pokemon the
user has inflicted damage on has already used their moves this move
eliminates the effect of the targets ability yeah and it’s bothering me
because that’s a hundred damage that’s all yeah but it’s a special move and I’m
a physical attacker yes essentially the same thing as you know I thought I
thought it was gonna be on oh I’m Gumi uh yeah that’s why I was
cool dry more excited alright he caught a poi Pole yeah so uh as we
said in one of the rules here is that if you catch a Pokemon then you are
entitled to catch all of its evolutionary line exception Cosmo don’t
even waste my time in this patch of grass because obviously we know what’s
there that’s gonna be long to move on the den oh yes we’re moving on yeah you
know what he looks like he looks like cyclops wearing a little red visor like
a shoot laser beams if he touches it oh he’s not that cool looking like he’s so
doe he’s definitely not cool look down you know I changed my mind
he’s so cool wack Austin I hope it’s not truing oh please don’t be truant please
don’t be true what’s its ability that’s the best part see it all told you it
don’t beat right oh it’s not truant it’s not true it and adds facade which makes
me feel like I shouldn’t paralyze it now wait continue going on a little
exploring going on over here Oh Oh a fishing spot what can we uncover
oh wow Pinsir another mega granted I don’t want to make a pencil Oh beautiful
that’s like totally completely different cutters it’s like vicious-looking bug it
I just got a cute little butterfly is this bug dragon no bug flying that
should be book flying yeah can you imagine see one of those in real life
like how creepy is that that’s stuck that’s a big thing too
that’s scary there’s your second chance ah yeah that’s truant oh that’s the
other that’s the other ability and something special I think it looks ugly
anyway you know I think you look ugly anyway well you know what I think you’re
ultra shadow in the Cosmo looks ugly too you’re lying
oh boy another Pokemon that I can’t catch and that’s another true at one so
I don’t know how the video is gonna be cut up but there’s a truant noggin
Danelle and there’s an entremet Naga Jenelle I’m looking for a non truant one
because the droid one is garbage is he gonna be on your team I don’t know maybe
let’s see what do we got Oh mega Sceptile he’s crushed rocket
right that has a crash dragon bro this is just gonna be a Dark Dragon team
honestly it’s a lot of us is gonna have dark alright dark and Dragons that just
darks and Dragons you ever notice like the coolest Pokemon
or darks dragons or psychics I think that’s the edge you think that’s like a
lady on things Yannick catch it you should catch it
what is its actual do not only 45 let’s see what it wait what what is what’s it
doing what did it do that’s an unreleased move from an unreleased
Pokemon what just happened that said that’s that
the one that was like date of mine oh hang on hang on hang on I’m pulling up
the footage here oh my god I need that I want that it has an unreleased move oh
my gosh okay here’s our current session I didn’t even see what it said all right
here you are using your attack go back couple frames
I’m plasma fists yep it’s not a release move bro that is dope I know that’s
really cool actually what did it do though it died like electric lines no
but it didn’t damage you I just wasn’t like a small amount of
damage it’s just it’s not strong it says a deluge of a deluge of ions shower to
the battlefields maybe electric types now and do way more damage moment he’s
up maybe yeah ions electricity yeah right bro so my sceptile has an unreleased move
from a Pokemon that’s unreleased that’s unreleased yeah
plasma fists can we take that into account that it’s also a mega Sceptile
and uh I think I might replace a mega on my team I think tank is going bye-bye I
mean I want to blame you I I mean come on Metagross isn’t holding
the team and gross isn’t doing anything Oh what and we’ll dance messes people up
bro so oh no I play Barney I forgot bad boy just lame body me too
oh that’s why your egg haps so much faster oh that’s right he’s an egg
Hatcher yeah oh it’s confused on top of being burnt
yeah petal dance is outrage for various types yeah for grass types well it’s
dead Austin you’re gonna encounter another good or I can encounter it oh Sh
okay got it put it to sleep that way you can’t use petal dance Kyle get there now
avoided got it in a unreleased ball that’s a
release ball you just can’t catch anything in it
ha this is the first page to be filled up in this entire playthrough electric
dragon wait what what this sounds like yeah it’s an electric dragon it’s typing
is different instead of poison dragon it’s an electric charge thought it’s
gonna be a boy boring boys a Jag I didn’t know it was a different typing oh
man okay became a little bit cooler ah is it fine to sleep now okay it’s it’s a
it’s a electric dragon and it’s a bumblebee did you get it did he get it yes we both
got it all right we got a new Pokemon for the team but we could take a look at
it to predict maintenance so let’s get into this
yeah uh-huh you know what all black and yellow me
not gonna have a wiz khalifa no not naming him wiz khalifa protects itself
and its allies from attacks that limit their move choices oh so it can’t be hit
with encore or taunted or anything like that yeah
so you’re good yeah all right mine mine is down you’re naming him unreleased
well yeah he’s got a move that’s not released right I’m mirror coat facade
first impression and dragon breath whoa all right so we got drag plasma fists oh
my name’s cheek pouch I was able to find its mega stone and just let’s play I
would probably be mega it so I can see its ability yeah but that could because
I don’t like cheek pouch too much but I love the fact that it has a plasma fist
yeah see how he’s going he’s definitely on
the team but it’s a dragon you don’t want to get rid of the dragon no I don’t
but Adam to the party we’re getting another dragon okay I want to be edgy I
want to be a little edgy here all right so we got our new pokemons for the area
and then we’re gonna most likely move on oh look it’s an area with new encounters
oh wow wonder what we’re gonna do here look for pokemons and of course of
course I would be not only yeah look out for that guy
Donald’s over there oh so East Sea shallows I think about Yahtzee and they
cool piece Mamoswine that’s not cool not that cool and it is
a ooh a lowland shiny marowak okay and a
Victini all right that’s cool yeah mines just like you’re just google prime or
with primordial see that’s pretty much it lame Amina you don’t know what Musa
has what if it had like a really cool yeah I don’t know what is it
what a fire fire ghost right mm-hmm you try for this Victini bro I don’t know
what does it have let’s see you cuz I’m gonna wind thanks I think I just come
over here yeah it’s level 14 I think we’re very
over level it might be we’re gonna have a very hard time
catching pokémon yeah I mean I’m not because I know how to topsy-turvy all
stat changes affected the target turned topsy-turvy and become the opposite of
what they were so you would need to use topsy turvy say for example the same
move that someone used belly drum and then there are tack goes down 60 I was
the opposite I reversed it yes it’s kind of cool but I feel like I’m never gonna
run that’s in there no it’s very situational he can also learn oh it’s an
orange island Kabutops yes it is the pink Kabutops I like I love this orange
island stuff it’s really pink I feel like it’s gonna show up on your screen
the moment you said that yeah this always happens that way oh did you know
the one Pokemon I have that can do work Oh
regular a lowland Marillac oh I’ll be cool if it was a shadow version of it
deserve all three I think that actually oh it’s watertight heyday ultra steel
not again awesome Oh what was that there’s a lot of shuriken and knows good
ninjas move I mean it looks really dope with him I know right it actually fits
if he has the site the site so it makes like a water-type that’s really cool
yeah that’s actually pretty cool well what did he should learn that that
should be an actual move okay like maybe through like a tutor or something I
think so could you seal that worked yeah I don’t think a Victini is cool
without V create Mastro I saw other cool Pokemon would be create that wasn’t
Victini like a Moltres mm-hmm yeah it’s like
peace just more victini’s V for victory you got it you got it
so we made our way to Royal Avenue here and we have the Blaziken Knight the
blaze can mega stone you have a Blaziken oh you’re right
yeah you should at least try that out in a wild battle see what it looks like
all right all right miracle seed the la tuya site we know what it we’re fine
okay an expensive odd expense and the TMS here our weather yeah nice Mac
survives any cold balls now pull the balls right okay well I’m gonna buy the
Blazer good night yeah I bought one too just because it’s $4.99 I should handed
Boocock you should i named it bukkake or the kernel like i record wait we came
back oh you can’t make involve yeah you could make it oh yeah I’m not the
professor oh yeah he says that we have all the time that’s where I got the
kool-aid guy idea from they call me the master oil whoo the Pokemon battle
royale whoo four trainers four trainers yeah each pick three Pokemon yeah for
one Bey battle oh yeah you got a problem he keeps saying the freakin oh yeah I
didn’t when one trainers team can’t paddle anymore yeah the battle royale
ends whichever trainers taking out the most Pokemon yeah has the most Pokemon
left will emerge the winner whoo oh man that oh yeah I got you yeah it
does all right so we made our way to Royal
Avenue we got some new items realized that we can’t make an evolved Pokemon
yet and we are at the battle royale dome and can’t wait to see what the opposing
pokemon are gonna be I don’t know if it’s gonna be the same between both of
us or different I’m sitting out Cinnabon I’m sitting out Celebi eglee buff pygmy
oh never mind Altaria okay Omega my nigga and Miss Maggie is
what why is my first one different hello I’m dropping so many frames right now
god I love this game well Ontario is gonna die
well special rent doesn’t affect anybody shoot Megas oh we only have one pokemon
not a problem gladion use Peck okay guys okay guys
oh whoa whoa can’t let you in there I think it ends up to kill one this mag is
use pursuit it ends at the end of the round after you knock one out special
Ren did not kill miss Maggie it’s over yeah
alright we’re done pretty much I thought I thought we’d get like Legendary’s here
or something yeah I mean we have a mega in the battle
that’s true that’s something cool special rend and I won
that’s a cool move is one of my favorite animation so far yeah I and that’s the wind cuz that disarming
voice is not gonna work very well no no no Niles over I like how he comes out
after you fight him and believe Oh my name is this
my name is Kiwi the fire captain all right so that’s actually gonna be
wrapping up this episode of the ultra lock we did we did find some pretty cool
stuff this up yeah yeah more pink pokemon yeah more orange island Pokemon
I got him a new bag up with the team yep I got uh the the yellow Hornet not good
there now yes right now you’re the Nell oh babe like a yellow bag yeah alright
so guys if you haven’t done so be sure to drop a like on the video until next
time Austin Shawn and filly beats you we

100 thoughts on “Yellow Jacket Nagadanel, URELEASED MOVES & More! Pokemon ultraLOCKE EP7 | Austin John Plays

  1. The move plasma fist has been realeasd for the mythical pokemon zeraora its a game stop code for ultra sun and ultra moon

  2. I just realized the reason why Philly's hau pokemon is different I'm the battle Royale is because of hau uses his starter and they chose different starters

  3. Dude, this angers me so much and I hate it so much I have to speak about it, zeraora and plasma fists ARENT unreleased.. there was an event where you could get it.

  4. Plasma Fist) is a damage-dealing Electric-type move introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It is the signature move of Zeraora.

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