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YOUTUBERS REACT TO FORTNITE (Orange Shirt Kid Memes & #Boogiedown Challenge)

YOUTUBERS REACT TO FORTNITE (Orange Shirt Kid Memes & #Boogiedown Challenge)

– YES!
– What?! – YES!
– What?! – He’s incredible.
Who is this person? I need him to collab
with me right now. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are going
to be showing you some videos of people participating
in the #BoogieDown challenge. – Okay. Never heard of it. – I haven’t heard of that. – “Boogie down”? – I haven’t heard of that.
– I don’t know what this is. I’m really excited.
– This is new. – Oh, is this Fortnite? Gonna be doing some dances? All right. – (FBE) So the challenge
was actually created by the creators of the game Fortnite,
where fans submit their best dance move using the #BoogieDown
and the winner of the challenge will actually be
re-created into the game. – Cool! – What?
– Wow. – Wait, so Fortnite is doing
fan engagement stuff? That’s great. – #BoogieDownDance.
Ready? Here we go. – (laughing)
– Oh, okay. – Oh.
– Ooh. – He’s doing the Bernie! – Oh, the Bernie.
Classic Bernie. – Just the fact
that it’s without music, it’s like a full body dry heave.
I don’t know what he’s doing. – (laughing) That’s how I dance,
so I can relate. – That’s something I would do. – He probably also had
no bones in his arms. Those are very floppy.
– It’s kind of like the next level backpack dance. ♪ (rock music) ♪ – Yes!
– This is awesome! – Oh my god! – Again, that’s how I dance. – (chuckling)
– I mean… – I’m impressed. – I like him. I like him. – I don’t know how to do
that knee thing, where they go– and the legs look
like they’re breaking. – (audience hooting)
– Oh, okay! – Oh, yeah! – Is this supposed to be a wedding? – Oh, wait, was
this even for Fortnite? – Yeah, they just filmed the dance. – This is not the Boogie Down. This is just someone’s wedding. – Whoa! She’s killing it. – She’s workin’ it. – I mean, she’s living her life
and she’s been the best dancer so far. – I loved that–
– That was cool. – That’s just a happy time. – This is a really cool challenge. – I’d like to see some
better dancing, for sure. – It’s a very interesting challenge. Basically, you start just
breaking down into just, like, I would say the best
dance moves ever. ♪ (dub step) ♪ – YES!
– What?! – YES!
– What?! – Oh! Oh, no!
– Ooh. That is smooth.
– Okay, whoa. – Yes! – The Seagull Squat!
That’s not easy. – Look at those feet
just slide along the ground. – He looks like he
has no bones in his legs. – That’s cool. – That man doesn’t have ankles.
– Nope, he’s Gumby legs. – Make Fortnite that guy. – Cancel all other submissions. – End the battle royale stuff. Just have it be that. – Y’all ready?
This is called The Random. – Ooh, “The Random.”
– “The Random.” – Oh! Oh! There he go. – Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. I like his angle, too.
Very low. – Oh, man!
This– yes! No, that’s the winner. – Props to this kid for submitting it.
That’s not bad. – (boy) It’s also
a great exercise move– a great exercise move. – (laughing)
“It’s also a great exercise!” – I love him! – There was a level
of confidence there that I’m all for. – The internet is creating
so much confidence in children nowadays.
That’s just the truth. – I’m excited for whichever kid
gets memed forever. – (FBE) So part of the reason
we’re showing this is because that has
actually sparked a new meme called “The Orange Shirt Kid” meme,
where they say that his dancing goes to any song.
– Really? – That one did? It’s so good! – Perfect. He was so meme-able.
– Does it really work? ♪ (Gorillaz, “Feel Good Inc.”) ♪
– (laughing) – Okay. Okay.
He’s killing it. – I would be so stoked.
– Oh my god! I love him. – Yeah! Oh, I’m
so happy this caught on. I’m so happy for him. – That fit perfectly.
Is there more? ♪ (hip hop music) ♪
– Oh, yeah. – Yeah, all right! – (giggling) – He’s incredible!
Who is this person? I need him to collab
with me right now. – The more I watch it,
the better this kid is. – He has my vote. – The second I leave here,
I’m putting on an orange shirt and I’m making
a Miranda video doing this. – His dance moves work perfect
with every single song. ♪ (techno music) ♪
– Yes! The yodel kid. – This is a meme within a meme–
– I am mega-memed. Oh my goodness. – Oh, he’s got a smaller
version of himself. – If this kid didn’t win
the #BoogieDown challenge, you know what he did win?
The internet. – Everyone’s heart. – I liked that one.
That’s flattering. It didn’t seem mean. – This kid’s amazing.
He deserves this fame. He’s so good. I hope no one’s making fun of him. I hope everyone’s just praising him
because he’s a legend. – (FBE) On April 21st,
the winner of the contest was actually announced,
so we have that video to show you now.
– Yay, okay. – Contest winner, who is it? ♪ (techno music) ♪ – And the winner is… – Okay. – Okay, it looks like
he’s just stepping. – Oh, so they’re a group. – Dang, these kids are talented.
– Ooh! – Okay, it’s a good routine.
– Okay, yeah. I guess that translates well
to, you know, video game character dancing.
– Yeah, but you know, I’d like to see something
a little more unique. – I’m kind of bummed
that it’s not the orange shirt kid, but it was well done
and organized and perfect for animators to match up. – I’m kind of sad that it was a guy
in a dance studio, though, as opposed to a kid in his bedroom
or, you know, a guy in his driveway. – The orange shirt kid
should have won. This is blasphemous. – I like that orange shirt kid.
He should have won. – Yeah. – My vote was for you,
orange shirt kid! – (FBE) So some fans
were a little upset that the orange shirt kid
was not the eventual winner, especially because
he only placed 23rd. – Really? – Orange shirt kid was 23rd? Oh, that is cripe! – I’d like to see
the other 22 contestants who beat orange shirt kid.
– Yeah. – Since it was a challenge to submit
and it was about boogying down and the orange shirt kid
just sparked so much passion in the reaction from people,
he should get it. – (FBE) Fans even started a petition
where over 10,000 signatures have been added,
pleading for developers to crown orange shirt kid
as the winner. – What?! – Oh, that’s sweet.
– That’s cute. – I like that. – I’ll sign that petition right now.
Put it in front of me. – Internet, make this happen! You do a lot of great things. You do a lot of horrible things. But this is something you need to do.
Make this kid a winner. – Obviously, the kid
who’s won the hearts of thousands of people online,
he’s been memed– – He’s already a winner.
– He’s already a winner. – (FBE) So Fortnite has become
a hugely popular video game. Do you think that
this contest was a good idea for them to try to further
involve their fans or would you have gone another way? – I don’t think Fortnite
needs a dance competition to raise their awareness. – Yeah, I don’t know.
Do they even need that? – Yeah, I feel like they
already were pretty popular before the dance competition. – Was the challenge specific enough? I feel like I didn’t understand it. – Just make up your own dance
and that was it? – This was an awesome idea,
to get the internet involved and the community and get
the word out about Fortnite. I don’t know anything about gaming. I don’t know anything about Fortnite,
but I hear about it all the time, so they’re obviously doing a good job. – Fan engagement
is such a good way to solidify and spread the word. – And then in a fun way, too,
where you get what you want, which is I just want
to be a part of the game. – Yeah, and you’re just dancing, too.
That’s all it is. – How they’ve been running Fortnite
has been so smart, by seeding in little mysteries
for the community to talk about, for seeding in these sorts
of community participation events, like the Boogie Down challenge.
I think it’s a great idea. – (FBE) Fortnite, in many ways,
has become a cultural phenomenon, with some reporting
that it has surpassed 2011’s popular game Minecraft,
becoming the most viewed game on YouTube.
– Wow. – Whoa, I didn’t know
that was happening. Jeez. – (FBE) What are your thoughts
on how some are saying there hasn’t been a game
like this since Minecraft, where full careers are being made
by playing it online? – I mean, I know how lucrative that is
for people to be gamers, so it only makes sense that
there would be competition out there. – I think that’s awesome. We’ve given the opportunity
to some people to have a career in gaming. With every viral phenomenon,
it gives other YouTubers the opportunity to capitalize on it. – It’s a good game,
but that kind of surprises me. You know, Minecraft
was a creative platform almost. And it just changed
the paradigm completely. This game just seems
like it’s really fun. They did a good job
making it really fun, but is it a game changer? – It’s interesting because, yes,
Fortnite is the hottest thing right now, but it’s the hottest thing right now,
and it’s one of those things that I’m curious to see
the longevity of this game because the gameplay
is so similar and repetitive, game after game after game after game. I think Fortnite has a long career
ahead of itself with eSports, but as far as
a content generation tool, something that the community’s
gonna consistently churn out videos around,
I think that’s gonna come to an end sooner rather than later. – (FBE) So lately, Fortnite
seems to have been dominating YouTube and Twitch
streams in particular. As an online creator yourself,
how do you think that live streams
and games like Fortnite are changing the digital landscape
and what does it mean for you? – Yeah, I feel like if you put
content out there that relates to whatever
is going viral out there, people generally will like it way more and it’d actually be fun
on your part as well, making it, because you’ve seen that
and it’s really fun. – We’ll do it if
we find that it’s fun and we can make something
organic out of it, you know, but we never do anything like,
“Oh, it’s going viral. We should do something.” Because then people will tell
they just did it for the views. – I love live streaming
because it helps me engage with my fans
and I can talk to them right away, instantly read their comments
and respond to them, and it just makes me feel like
we’re having a conversation, as opposed to just uploading a video, so that’s why I love live streaming
and maybe that’s a big element here. It feels like people
are hanging out and talking and helping each other play the games. – We find that when we go live,
it’s so much better. You know, it comes
off the top of our head. We get to capture
lightening in a bottle. – Games are now seen
as not only something you play, but an experience that
you share with other people. These live streams, you know,
you get to experience something. You get to watch somebody
experience something and share that with them. – One of the good things
that Epic Games seems to be doing is embracing the way
people are playing the way that they want to,
not the way that Epic Games thinks the game
should be played. – It finds this perfect balance
of being casual enough for anyone to be
able to pick up and play, but hardcore enough
and deep enough of a game where hardcore
eSports people are like, “Yes, I can totally
invest my time into this.” – (FBE) So finally, some people
have been pointing out that the clips that have
come out of this challenge are a little cringy. – Yeah.
– Yeah. (laughing) – That’s half the fun.
Cringy is half the fun with these things.
You know, I like it. – (FBE) It seems like when challenges
have a cringe aspect, it actually helps them go more viral. So with your experience
as an online creator, do you think that challenges
or videos that have a cringe element help or hurt a challenge
in the long run? – To be honest, I kind of like cringy
because I think cringy is what makes things really funny
and what makes things go viral. – You are talking
to the queen of cringe. Obviously, cringe helps. My career was made on cringe,
so I’m a big supporter of cringe material
because look at Miranda. – The cringe is important, though,
because that’s where you’re not taking
yourself too seriously. – A lot of those kids
dancing like that understand the sarcasm
in what they’re doing. – Yeah, totally. – The cringe is a benefit
because that kid went viral, a lot of people
want to find out the source or where he came from,
so it’s like, “Oh, Boogie Down challenge,
what’s that? Oh, Fortnite. What’s that?” – The orange shirt kid’s really funny. It’s all for fun,
but at the same time, if you kind of immortalize this kid– – It can be seen the wrong way. – There might be weird bullying.
– There’s no perfect way… – Yeah.
– …to handle it. – Thank you so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers react. – Subscribe to everyone
you see in this episode. – Links are in the description below. – Bye!
– Bye! – Hey, what’s up, guys?
Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers React and big thanks to all the creators
who came in and shot this episode with us
and big shout-outs to some of our fans,
Angelena Quintana, Sofi Duarte, and Red Fox.
Bye, guys!

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