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YOUTUBERS REACT TO FORTNITE (Orange Shirt Kid Memes & #Boogiedown Challenge)

YOUTUBERS REACT TO FORTNITE (Orange Shirt Kid Memes & #Boogiedown Challenge)

34 thoughts on “YOUTUBERS REACT TO FORTNITE (Orange Shirt Kid Memes & #Boogiedown Challenge)

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  3. The guy at 2:03 FINALLY shows some love to the Soltan Remix of Move That Body by Pegboard Nerds and Quiet Disorder!!!! Yay!!!

  4. Well that's a shame. The winner wasn't really impressive or entertaining and I agree that a dance studio winning definitely makes it even less of a happy moment.

  5. Roy purdy and the orange shirt kid should win cuzz they did the same dance they need like some kind off challenge you need to complete to buy the one that roy futured but still you get to dance both of them

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